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Lara ka Yoga!

(Ok, I don’t know if it is Lara KA Yoga, or Lara KI Yoga!)

First, it was Shilpa flaunting her huge.. er.. smile on everything, starting from Poppadums to Yoga Dvds. And now its our dear Lara Dutta.

Indian actress Lara Dutta at the 2009 DVK Foun...
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I saw this link on FB, from Flipkart, that announced a new product – ‘H.E.A.L. With Lara Dutta – “Yoga: Recovery & Rejuvenation’.

Excellent venture. For the producers and Lara!

But what of the thousands of people (and here, I’m just being optimistic about the number not being in Lakhs!!) who will actually buy the DVD?

Thousands of people will believe they can actually learn yoga, and achieve ‘inner peace’ by copying Lara!

Thousands will imagine they too, will turn ultra-slim and glamorous, only by practising Yoga from a DVD!

And thousands more will be happy to flaunt that they too, belong to the elite group of people who do Yoga for well-being.

Honestly, people, do we really believe it is safe to learn yoga from a DVD?

Here is something very basic about Yoga. Yoga is not just about postures, it is about breating too. And the technique you adopt has to be absolutely correct.

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The wrong technique could lead to injuries of any sort. It could even render the entire exercise useless!!

Image courtesy: comfortinstylemag dot com
  • If we really do want to achieve inner calm, let’s spend some time in silence!!
  • If we desire happiness and a sense of purpose in life, let us spend time with the less fortunate – we will not only help them, but will also automatically realise how much we ‘have’ as compared to what we hanker after!!
  • If we want to look thin and glamorous, then let’s eat sensibly and work-out every day, rather than buy a ‘Heal with Lara’ Dvd!

Well, the only ray of light in this sort of a money-making venture is that the common man/woman may not find the sight of a Baba Ramdev visually appealing (!!!), but might just be tempted to have a taster of ‘Yoga’ just because a filmstar endorses it!

Having said that, it seems ridiculous for people to try and learn Yoga from a DVD.

It is like reading a book or watching a DVD on ‘How to Swim’ and jumping straight into the ocean!!!

What do you think, ladies and gentlemen? Do share!

33 replies on “Lara ka Yoga!”

I completely agree! The comparison you’ve give (that of swimming) is totally apt!

And to add to your list, Yoga is not just about postures and breathing, it’s ALSO about individuals!
All yoga postures may not be recommended for all individuals. Based on a person’s body flexibility and/or disabilities (like a muscle pain, or a bad back, or health), certain yoga postures are to be AVOIDED!

And from what I’ve heard (and experienced to some extend), yoga keeps one fit and healthy: it’s not a slimming exercise πŸ™‚

So, as far as I know, learning it from a CD is not just foolish and daft, it’s dangerous too!

Hmmm, Baba Pallavi ki baato main dum hai πŸ˜› ROFL!!!Thx Neha!

I agree..these stars get money by endorsing such things. in real life even they might not be following whatever is there in the DVD..but that’s how things work right? people think that filmstars are their idols and follow them, do whatever they tell them to do!

Absolutely, Pals! It is ridiculous to think that we can do yoga by just watching DVDs. As you say, there are so many things that you need to know about. I has a session of physiotherapy some time back and there were so many things that the therapists point out, while trying out a pose. Attempting yoga postures without a trainer/practitioner is so dangerous..

And as you say, half the people buying such dvds would pick it up just to show that they are posh/elite 😦
Ridiculous, Smitha!!! hey, you went for a physio session? Wow!!

πŸ™‚ Third againnnnnnn Bikki on a roll!!

Completely agree with youuuuuuuuuuuuu its more dangerous to do things learning from a dvd or a book …

My colleague has managed to hurt his back trying just that an is out of action for a long time now .. Ohhhhh, that is terrible!!!

Moreover all these actors and celebrities who come out with DVD’s I dont beleive them at all, i dont know they even try it themselves..

but this Ramdev guy he is good, I am not recommending him or anything but i do think he is good in what he is doing though again there are so many thousands of people in the camps he does how do they monitor if they r doing it right or wrong so a tricky question… I will have to agree with you on this, Bikki

I can understand camps of smaller number with his trained disciples looking after but otherwise not good i guess…

Moreover I think i am so fat and overweight that I hardly think the yoga etc is gonna help me anymore boooooooooo hoooooooooooo

so any advice on that Pallavi…….. Oh puhlees!! If I had the slightest will power, wouldn’t I look like an older version of Katrina already?! Sigh!!!


You missed Bipasha ! πŸ˜€ First Shilpa, then Bipasha and now lara (which is actually news t me :D) You are right; who would want to get a DVD of Laras yoga?? Bipasha and Shilpa are atleast hott ! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
Yay, Vimmu devil is finally back!!!!! You like Bipasa? Yuck man!!! Next you’re going to say you’re a fan of Karishma and Sushmita!!!

God bless them! Yoga helps when all postures and breathing are followed to the core and may injure if not done properly!
Seriously, God save them!!!!
Lakhs of ppl follow Ramdev Pal. As far as I know, I hv seen/ heard more ppl being comfortable with following Ramdev than depend on DVDs, whoever endorses them for that matter!
I know , Swar, and I think its good too. At any rate, much better than watching and copying Lara!!

I think I am no authority on Yoga. I’ve never been into it. Though I always keep urging myself to give it a shot. And really, it isn’t just about DVDs. The matter runs deeper than that. I know a lot of women, who do a few basic courses in Yoga and then hold classes and teach others! Even when they aren’t qualified at all. That is so scary.
Oh no, Pepper! That is really scary!! They should be put behind bars for risking the health of others!!!
By the way, like I said, I don’t know much about this, but what is wrong with Baba Ramdev? I’ve usually heard good stuff about him from people.
LOL! I’ve heard a lot of good things about him too, but its just the sight of him that is intimidating and unnerving.

Lara is just making money πŸ˜›
After a rather desperate attempt in Blue, she had to resort to this now as there was nothing more left to shed πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜›
ROFL!! Good one, CR!! Spot on!!!

you asking me ???? what I think of yoga videos ?!!!!!!!!!

eeeks… I came on the wrong page… I though i was to comment on Lara;s curves… when you have that question do let me know !!!!!! πŸ˜›

Please Hitchy, I thought you had better taste! Wasn’t Ms.Balan your type? πŸ˜‰

Yoga as you said is not about watching on DVDs and reading in Books…You’re spot on but I guess the wise junta [like us] is surely not going to give any attention to these ever growing number of DVDs based on wellness, rejuvenation and what not πŸ™‚
Well, I really do hope so, Scribbler!! I do hope aam aadmi has more common sense than to buy Lara’s DVD of all the things available!!!!
P.S. for all those who want wellness,rejuvenation and a happy life..come to blogging πŸ˜‰
Oh I am SOOOO with you on this πŸ™‚

Ha ha ha…I liked that comparison to swimming…pretty apt! πŸ™‚
And as for Baba Ramdev…eeeks!!! 😯 πŸ˜›
LOL, thanks Ash!! I’ve heard he’s good too, but I find the sight of him quite unnerving!

Absolutely right on all counts, Pal! A real nugget of wisdom in this post, peoples – “, let us spend time with the less fortunate – we will not only help them, but will also automatically realise how much we β€˜have’ as compared to what we hanker after” .

Thanks so much, Dreamer, for picking up that very point πŸ™‚

I used to do Yoga when I was a kid and I know that you need a proper teacher to teach you. You just cant learn it from the DVD’s endorsed by stars. So, I totally agree with you :).
Me too, Harini, I’ve done Yoga too, but never bothered to continue. Now I wish I had! Sigh! Hey, thank you for visiting my blog. I’ll hop over to your space soon enough πŸ™‚

The irony is, people know these are fads and still fall for it. Its like buying that new sunscreen and never using it.. Just because people can afford to buy and not use it:)
Exactly. And one would expect ‘educated’ people to behave in an educated manner!! Bah!!

so true Pal ! Yesterday after seeing an ad Swetha asked how can you get healthy just by buying a health magazine. πŸ˜€
Yoga definitely needs a teacher . We had to learn it as a part of our course. Some how I didn pay much attention . I am not the meditating type . And we had a father to teach who said we can say ‘yesuve nama ‘ while doing ‘surya namaskaaram’ and it isn’t imp to face east . I was raged by the distortion that I stopped listening to him. 😦
But as you ve noted a model can make a great impact for ex regimes but I don’t think it is apt for Yoga if you plan to learn it properly.

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