Very Very Kolaveri!

There are currently two kinds of Indians. Those who have heard ‘Kolaveri’ and those who haven’t. Which category do you belong to? I had face-un-booked myself last week but when I couldn’t abstain any more, I jumped right back into my account, and came across a link shared by a couple of blogger friends (Deeps and Vampire Brat, for instance). The title was ‘kolaveri’ and I opened it with very low expectations, as I am not that big a fan of Dhanush. But guess what? We have been listening to this very colloquial, crazy, silly song (in loop!!) for the … Continue reading Very Very Kolaveri!

Friday Frolic – The art of choosing a Name

One of the most difficult decisions in our lifetime is choosing a name! A name for anything important or special to you. Like your child, for example. Or a new venture. Its amazing how we want to find that most unique name of all, a name that no one else would think of! Only to realise, a couple of days after choosing it, that it is not so uncommon after all!!!! Some of us ofcourse, think radically different, and assume we believe we have ‘hit the nail on the head’. Like these names (of shops/enterprises) that I came across during my … Continue reading Friday Frolic – The art of choosing a Name

Friday Fun

Just saw this post on someone’s FB page: Every Women is a Rani Lakshmi bai Every Women is a Rani Lakshmi bai Rani Before wedding Lakshmi duing wedding Bai after wedding Hee hawwww 😆 🙄 😆 Happy Friday, folks! And happy long weekend (wherever applicable :-)) (PS: My apologies for not being regular at my blog or at yours!!! Will be back soon!!) Continue reading Friday Fun

Thursday Challenge – Green

Technically, I’m still living Thursday (infact I have a good 45-minutes until Friday begins :-)). So here’s my post for Thursday Challenge, that has the theme ‘Green’ as I read on IHM’s blog. I miss the green, spring has just about started here, but it is still chilly at times. And, on that green note, tomorrow is the end of the week. Time certainly flies!! x Continue reading Thursday Challenge – Green

Friday Frolic

Just received this email: —————– My Greetings to you, Please Respond to me through my private email for more details and directives ( ) It is my pleasure to write you, I decided to contact you to help me out of my problem, however is not mandatory nor will I in any manner compel you to honour against your will. Please permit me to inform you of my desire of going into business relationship with you. I prayed and selected your name among other names due to my trust and my faith in God; I must not hesitate to confide in … Continue reading Friday Frolic

Friday Frolic

Bought this little Cartoon track train for the brat today. And this is what was printed on the box:- ‘hi! be possessed of the cartoon track train by yourself! new cartoon styles, some colours!’ And if that isn’t enough, read the ‘Special Function: ‘Magnetism connect! Car and car a magnetism conjunction!’ Needless to say, ‘Country of Origi-h: China!’ Anybody, please to be willing to helping me please contact in email! 😈 😈 😈 Continue reading Friday Frolic