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Old but not forgotten contests

Not just one, but two exciting contests that we held in Blogworld, one by Chatterbox and the other by Ruchi, caught the fancy of a lot of bloggers. The catch though, was that we were not allowed to reveal the ‘author’s name’ or publicise it on our respective blogs. Which, obviously ensured a very fair voting system, with wonderful results. For a change, it was posts that really deserved the prize, who won 🙂 And that is really far cry from all those blog contests that thrive only on votes.

So the first was a completely awesome ‘Complete the story’ contest by the princess of fiction – Chatterbox. Now every time we read or hear the words Will or Grace, Chatterbox comes to our mind. And so does Vimmu’s top post that was an outright winner 🙂 The Grand Finale was as interesting as the IIFA awards 😉 Btw, guys and girls, a HUGE thank you to everyone who voted for my post. Here it is: ‘Escape’ Now, Pinash said ‘Writer, who are you?’ And here I am, PNA 🙂

The second contest was an equally exciting. This was another complete the story contest titled ‘And then...’ Now Ruchi had promised exciting prizes ‘up for grabs’ and she sure kept her words. The winner actually won a Landmark voucher for Rs.1000!!! Sigh!!! If on;y I’d come first instead of second 😈 This is my entry, folks, ‘A game of shame and revenge’ – written with our one and only Kalmadi in mind 😉 and I am so thankful to everyone who has read, commented and voted for it 🙂 This contest again worked only on the basis of votes, and as expected, the truly deserving posts won 🙂 This was my most favourite post – among all the entries – and I am so glad it won 🙂

So there, people. Unfortunately, exciting contests like these do not often get the publicity they deserve. However, Chatterbox and Ruchi, please take a bow, for organizing these and giving us a lovely opportunity to have some fun 🙂