Comments Policy

Thank you for your comments!

I am thrilled about every little comment that you leave. Comments are moderated the first time only. My friends have always left pleasant, encouraging comments. Never seen a harsh word from anyone here. I cherish criticism, provided its in decent language 🙂

By some random act of WordPress, comments sometimes find their way into the Spam queue. Apologies to my genuine readers (or should we say, comment-ators?!)

And yes, I do strongly object to spammers simply copying my posts and pasting them elsewhere and leaving an anonymous link to my blog. Please refrain from doing that.

13 replies on “Comments Policy”

*Solilo thinking about a decent criticism*. 😆

Pal: Sol only needs a Dictionary with decent words 😉

Hi there,

I absolutely dig your blog and your style of writing. Its funny how i stumbled on it. You had me hooked.You have great talent girl. Keep it going.
– Wellwisher 🙂

Thank you…and I really hope you are not just a spammer…that would break my heart 😉

Nope im not a spammer at all I assure you. YOu know me quite well !! Keep writing. I checked today and you havent had posts in a while. Guess baby is keeping u a busy mommy.

Hey Prash: That is nice…to know I have lurkers 😉 Please do visit again, that’ll be lovely!

hey, came over here from the link you posted on my blog. Good luck! I will read your blog ‘krishana’ pretty soon. ‘Krishna’ has been my passion since childhood.

I have been gone for awhile but back now, can u give me krihsna link again?

Didn’t quite understand that?!!

Been trying to see how I can send you a private message/comment in answer to a question you had asked in my blog (“You’re in Chennai? Wow, where where?”) – can’t seem to find any. Is there an email id or a private comment box somewhere that I can write to ?

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