Chup, bad girl

****** ‘Bad uncle…’ the child whispers, shifting uneasily. Mother glances at Neighbour – kind and respectable. No, he wouldn’t!! She nudges her 6-year old irritably, ‘Chup*… Bad girl!‘ ****** (An attempt to tell a story in Haiku form) Innumerable cases of child abuse are not stopped simply because we do not believe our children enough. We brush their fears aside, thinking they are baseless. They aren’t. They never are. If a child feels that there is ‘something wrong’ or ‘something bad’ – a touch, a comment, or even a look…  that just makes him/her feel uncomfortable, but is unable to express it, it is … Continue reading Chup, bad girl

The rose, the Boy and the Tree

Caferati holds an annual GPF or Godawful Poetry Fortnight. To read more about this writing exercise, please click here. Now, this particular godawful poem caught my attention, so I decided to write a sequel for it, assuming the original poet/author would not mind 🙂 So, here is the original poem by Aasif Shah: An old tree craves for a company. A boy comes and waters him. He feels good. ‘Wish I could help you,’ says he to the boy. ‘No worries,’ replies the boy. The tree dies. The boy becomes lonely. He decides to grow up. The boy falls in … Continue reading The rose, the Boy and the Tree

Lie, sound, colour, number, etc. [a light exercise] from Caferati

I came across this delightful writing exercise on Caferati, on the Ryze network. Pushpee has written a lovely poem  on her blog here and it was so interesting that I took it up too. These are the guidelines: Lie, sound, colour, number, etc. [a light exercise] Line 1 – Write down something that happened this morning. But make it an out and out downright lie. Line 2 – In the spirit of 1 – write a sentence with a sound in it. Line 3 – Write a sentence with a colour in it. Line 4 – Write a sentence with a … Continue reading Lie, sound, colour, number, etc. [a light exercise] from Caferati

I wonder at possibilities (Poem, Indus Ladies contest)

Folks, As I grow older, and a little wiser, I observe vast disparity all around me. Sometimes it sickens me. Sometimes it just makes me numb. Thinking about this, made me realise, that I believe what CAN make a difference to situations, to destinies, is education. Not that all educated people are sensible or sensitive. Still, I believe education empowers. So this is the topic I have chosen. Here is my entry to the Indus Ladies contest on Women’s Day (P.S: Been tagged by Shail). =============== I WONDER..AT POSSIBILITIES =============== Sometimes I wonder If I were the girl who delivers … Continue reading I wonder at possibilities (Poem, Indus Ladies contest)

‘In silent sufferance’ – Plane and simple

‘In silent sufferance” is the fortnightly theme on S&Co. and this is my contribution. Eleven long hours its been, Since the shores of my homeland seen The inflight music, an incessant drone Someone, lend me an ear-phone! I stretch, I bend, and wince and moan, Muffled sounds, I piteously groan I turn to my left, and then to my right, Arrrgh! This is one horrible night! Until finally, with valour I stare At the pot-bellied man, who polished his fare! He looks at me, lets a toothy smile, Phew! That gust of wind smells vile!! The aloo-tikki has done its … Continue reading ‘In silent sufferance’ – Plane and simple

The Ghost

She would sit hunched, Every night. Ever watchful Of Ghosts Lurking behind shadows. Waiting patiently, Every night. Adamantly keeping open Drooping, heavy eyelids, Ears tuned to whispers from the unknown. She would fall into an abyss Some nights, Of sleep, so overpowering He would then appear In her dreams. Caressing her gently At night… His touch, cool and tender on her hot forehead. But when she awoke, startled She would find darkness Every night! And then she would wish for An apparition, even frightful Of the ghost of her lover! For ghosts, Were more tangible Than dreams.   (Girls/Guys, you … Continue reading The Ghost

Godawful Poetry 2009

Yay! Godawful Poetry contest is back again. Check the links to this wonderful contest here, here and here. Caferati is a vibrant place to be!! So! This contest is all about writing poetic form, ofcourse. I guess that comes REALLY easy for me. Btw, this was my first GPF contribution for this year: Yay! Its that time of year To leave behind all fear Rave and rant all we can GPF, I am your pankha (read: fan)! And my second: Response to Ozzy-ji- GPF # 2 Oye my dear Ozzyji, I very much enjoying Poetry! This GPF is full … Continue reading Godawful Poetry 2009