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WW – 3 – Four seasons

Perhaps every person living in India would agree with me, when I say that we have only two seasons – 1- Summer. 2- Winter. Finito.

We simply do not have the concept of Spring or Autumn, because that’s just what our country has been blessed with! (Note the sarcasm, please!!). My Mum used to say, very often, that Chennai has only two seasons too – Hot. And Hotter. The last few years have ofcourse changed this perception, as now we experience ‘Hotter and Hottest’ weather! (Which brings me to another question ‘When does one say ‘weather’ and when does one resort to ‘climate”. But, I digress.)

So, the last few years in London have given me such a beautiful glimpse into the four seasons of Nature. Each season is marked by the weather, the time of sunrise and sunset, and many other factors.

However, to me, the leaves tell all. While I enjoy the bright green leafy trees whose branches sway merrily in the summer breeze, I also love the striking beauty of stark naked trees, that go into a hibernation of sorts, every winter.

But what I truly and dearly love, is this time of the year, when leaves turn from Green to Gold, and that too in phases. One day its all green. The next day, they have turned a most beautiful shade of Orange. Then a mesmerising yellow with Golden hues. And finally, ofcourse, they fade away.

I simply cannot get enough of this….








Or this…

In just a week...









And this… one tree is completely green, the other turning golden yellow, and the third, who has quite been stripped of its leaves already!








And most of all, this… a beautiful carpet of golden , orange leaves…