Musical Mondays

Musical Monday on a Tuesday

Well, why not? I haven’t posted in ages. I haven’t replied to comments in even longer than that. To shake me out of slumber, comes this lovely song that has been haunting me since yesterday!! And since yesterday was Monday, here’s a Musical Monday post (inspired by what I saw on Ash’s blog here)

I hope it haunts you for the rest of the day, folks. It has been sung brilliantly, can you feel it?

And please, don’t forget me. I’m just busy doing nothing specific, but I will be back once the schools re-open (Heavens be praised when that day arrives! I cannot seem to figure out WHY THE HELL schools give so many holidays!!! My brat’s school has approximately 17 WEEKS of holidays in a year. That apart, ofcourse, we have our fair share of coughs/colds/etc and ‘bad weather’ due to which we end up not going to school :-()

Ok, now I’ll leave you to this song… and get on with the day’s work. So, this is what I’m planning to try today (er, or sometime this week)