Books are for smelling!

Have you ever opened a book, just to smell the newness of the paper? Oh yes, several times.

There’s something about books normal paper books) that is beyond comparison with any digital reading device. It is quite uncommon these days, to find someone whose nose is buried in a real book, while traveling on the train. All you see is a variety of small flat (dull and boring!) devices that people are glued to.

Gone are the days of turning crisp pages, and equally so, the therapeutic feel of turning well worn out pages, that you know have been read and re-read several times over decades. I had a red bound book like that once, think it was a book of Grimms Fairy Tales. I’ve read that little book so many times, that its edges are frayed and the binding is in tatters. I have lovely memories associated with that book. There was a time when my family lived in a tiny one-bedroom apartment. Come weekend, and while my family enjoyed a little siesta in the hot Chennai summer (which, by the way, is nothing compared to the heat now!) I used to settle myself on a corner sofa overlooking the window, and enter a magical world of flying horses and Princesses!

I love my iPad but there’s no way I can have the sentiment I have for my tattered red book, for this shiny new device.

Apparently, kids these days prefer e-books to print books.

I asked my 8-year old this question, and pat came the reply… ‘Kindle… cos you can just swipe with a finger!’  Kid, I promise I will introduce you to the smell of a newly bound book soon.

Well, its a new world, and our generation is kind of stuck in between two worlds…one where we smelt and devoured books, and the other where we silently flick through screens.

I don’t mean to be a wet blanket, but this is why I think paper books beat e-books any day!!!

* You can smell them!
* You can freeze your first red rose in them for posterity
* Pass them around to friends  (and refuse to lend them to ‘enemies’!)
* Make a little library and enjoy looking at your collection
* Seen the movie ‘The day after tomorrow’? Yeah, burning e-readers are of no use!

So, what do you prefer? eBooks or REAL books?

7 replies on “Books are for smelling!”

that sounds so emotional and I For the same reasons didn’t want to embrace the e books. But! now I have become practical because in Mumbai there is no place for the love of my life. So Kindle has come in 🙂

I would prefer the book anyday
for all the reasons that you say more importantly as I browse thru’ ebay
I realize I don’t have the money to buy Kindle anyway.


I definitely prefer the real books , the fragrance and sound of flipping the pages is really therapeutic , loved the way you said it. its like you read my mind 🙂 . Having a small library in my own home is one of my dream ( can’t have it in a rented apartment, you know ! ) so till then I am happy
with my kindle :).

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