If I could rewind…

Sorry! I’ve been AWOL for the last 5 years. What can I say?! Life came in the way! Life took over everything – changed job, moved house, moved house again, changed job again. Its gone by so fast, within the blink of an eye. My once-upon-a-time-toddler is now taller than me!

Sometimes, all I want to do is rewind about 20 years back, to the days when I was safely ensconced in the little 2 bedroom apartment where I lived, like most Indian grown-up-adult-children, with parents. All I had to do was make plans, work, dream and hope those would come true. Most of it has, to be fair. But if I could rewind, I might just do a few things differently. Like for example, stayed back in India and not moved abroad. Or spend much more time with my cute little grandma. Or just eat a lot more Chaat from Gangotri, blissfully ignorant of ugly words like ‘triglyceride’!

Anyway, I am back now. Been thinking a lot about the CRAZY way 2020 has turned out for everyone. Some lost jobs, some lost lives. One of the things I can’t get over is the death of Sushant Singh Rajput. The really untimely loss of a wonderfully intelligent, charming, handsome yet child-like soul. I hope he gets justice.

And yes, I’m back. I hope I can write a little every now and then. Even if nobody is reading. Atleast so in another 20 years time, I don’t end up wishing I could rewind to this date, and wish I had got back to blogging!


One reply on “If I could rewind…”

Hope you’re all health.
Life can be unexpected sometimes.
But, you came back & posted.
Feel free to ask anything if you’re reading this.

I suppose that you knew Miss Tejaswee.
I saw your comment on her last post & just……
Take care.

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