Sparkling eyes – 55 word fiction

Pick-up time. The children chattered excitedly, as rains lashed. A little girl quietly waited for Nanny. ‘Sofia!’ She looked up, surprised. Her eyes sparkled. She ran and hugged the woman. The woman pushed her away. ‘I only came because its raining. Can’t come everyday Ok?’ she snapped. ‘Yes Mummy’ Sofia nodded. The sparkle had disappeared. PS: I actually witnessed this incident when I went to collect my son from school this evening (names have been changed.. rather, assumed). One moment, the little girl was so excited. The next moment, it was all gone. Like a balloon had been deflated. I wonder how … Continue reading Sparkling eyes – 55 word fiction

A cup of tea – a set of 55-ers – fiction

This post is published as an entry for the KING AND QUEEN OF 55F CONTEST – The first ever unique, challenge for the coveted title in micro fiction category. To catch the crowning moments and also be part of future editions and other contests, visit and register at Cafe GingerChai Rules of the contest: You have to write a set of three 55F. The first two sets should be a story on its own. The  two stories should  climax / conclude / inter-twine in the third set of 55F. The story could be of any genre i.e, love, crime, mystery … Continue reading A cup of tea – a set of 55-ers – fiction

Truth and Peace (55-er)

His eyes followed her longingly. She flitted away. His heart ached. Ached so much, that it jolted him out of his recurring dream. Awake, he turned towards the woman sleeping beside him. The soft snores of his children in the next room. This, was his truth. He sighed, wondering when he would find his peace.       To read my other 55-word-fiction, please click here. If you are bolder than that, and want to read my flash fiction, please click here. Continue reading Truth and Peace (55-er)

The lookalike (55-er)

This 55 word fiction was written for N-Zine. ‘Mother’. ‘Hatred’. Two words that evoked similar emotions. She hated looking like Mummy. She hated being told that! At sixteen, ‘I wish I wasn’t YOUR daughter!’, she screamed. ‘You aren’t’, Mummy replied quietly. Daddy showed her the adoption papers. ‘We hoped YOU wouldn’t feel out of place’ She stared at her albino Mummy and cried. Continue reading The lookalike (55-er)

The boy who never smiled – 55-er / fiction

Clothes, chocolates, gifts – nothing satisfied Akaash. Ungrateful, resentful child. Yesterday, I offered left-over pastry. He glared! ‘What the hell do you want????!!!’ I screamed, frustrated. He replied quietly – ‘My mother. Please send her home? Tomorrow’s my exam’. Behind me, Kanthabai waited nervously. Both, pleading in silence. ‘Go!’ I whispered. For the first time, Akaash smiled. Continue reading The boy who never smiled – 55-er / fiction

Breaking news again – 55er

  This post has been published by me as a team member of Tiger Trails Team for the SUPER 4 round of Bloggers Premier League (BPL) – The first ever unique, elite team blogging event in the history of blogging world. To catch the BPL action and also be part of future editions and other contests, visit and register at Cafe GingerChai . . .. The first call was at 4:00 am. Within an hour, every reporter worth his salt had arrived. The chief doctor emerged, nervous. ‘Sir, this is BREAKING NEWS?’ ‘Matter of national importance…..’ ‘….Our right to information’ ‘Do … Continue reading Breaking news again – 55er