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Very Very Kolaveri!

There are currently two kinds of Indians. Those who have heard ‘Kolaveri’ and those who haven’t. Which category do you belong to?

I had face-un-booked myself last week but when I couldn’t abstain any more, I jumped right back into my account, and came across a link shared by a couple of blogger friends (Deeps and Vampire Brat, for instance). The title was ‘kolaveri’ and I opened it with very low expectations, as I am not that big a fan of Dhanush. But guess what? We have been listening to this very colloquial, crazy, silly song (in loop!!) for the last three days, with even my 5-year old singing it! I definitely did not see that coming!

First, click here to view the song on Youtube.

Second, tell me what you thought of it?

A small section of audience have expressed undisguised disgust at the song – for its poor lyrics, colloquial language, etc. and simply don’t understand what the hype is about!

Okay, I’m not ashamed to say I loved ‘Kolaveri’! It is perhaps even one of the worst songs ever, but it certainly is the most played song on my phone! It gets dangerous at times, though. Like yesterday, I was on the phone with my son’s school teacher, and there was this line ‘Cow-u cow-u … holy cow-u’ blasting away in the background. Ahem.. I might need to look for a new school soon. But, I digress (actually I don’t, but I like using that term ;-)). (Okay okay, I stole that line from Pixie’s post BUT to be fair, I did take her permission, mind it ;-))

Courtesy: Wiki

But hey!! What makes a song/film a hit? I saw a Hindi film called ‘Dhobi Ghat’ the other day, and loved it. It was serious, sensible and left an impression (not to mention stellar performances by Aamir Khan, Monica Dogra and cute Prateik Babbar). Now Ra One, in comparison made absolutely no sense whatsoever! However, as you might have rightly guessed, while Dhobi Ghat was a below-average-box-office-hit, Ra One despite not being critically acclaimed, was supposedly a ‘hit’ in India and a ‘superhit’ overseas (so sayeth the great Wiki!)

So what makes something like ‘Kolaveri’ a global rage? The video has apparently grossed 3 million views on Youtube, and more than 8 million shares on FB!

Well, to me, it is very simply, what I can connect with!

Kolaveri is a song that EVEN I can sing! Take any aspect of it.. words/tune/lyrics.. it is all so colloquial that even a layman can understand every nuance of the song and totally identify with it. To give a background, this is supposedly a light-hearted song sung by a young boy who has been jilted in love. Ah! What better reach to an audience than an average loser being dumped by a hot (and fair-skinned!) girl! The lyrics are very simple .. one need not break his/her head to understand the meaning of ‘white-skinu-girl, girl heartu-black.. eyes-u eyes-u meetu meetu, my future darku’! As for the tune, I loved it. The background score is fresh, and very cleverly infuses a trace of folk music into a trendy beat, making it a peppy number. Add to it an immensely talented bunch of young stars (Dhanush, Aishwarya Rajnikanth and Shruthi Hassan) that are evidently enjoying the foot-tapping number even during the recording, and one finds it hard to not like this song!!

(Sorry, Count Bratula, I had to choose that meanie picture of your Shruti 😉 Buhahahaha :mrgreen: :lol:)

More importantly, the world-wide success of this song (the latest video on FB is a group of Chinese dancers choreographing a dance to Kolaveri) has made me realise one thing. While perfection is great, being ‘real’ is far more attractive. Something that is technically perfect and outstanding, may not really be something I can relate to. For example, I simply do not enjoy authors who use ‘big words’. Blame it on my limited vocabulary, but I’d rather go for something simple, that I can enjoy.

Sushil Kumar wins KBC, courtesy: Rediff news

I suppose this is the reason why authors like Chetan Bhagat are so popular! (Allow me to hastily clarify that I am NOT a fan of his!!). I now understand why, Bhagat, despite being far from the best writer around, has certain mass appeal. At a tangent, another example would be the runaway hit programme Kaun Banega Crorepathi. The programme is not merely about ‘knowledge’ or ‘trivia’ but about the fact that an ORDINARY man or woman, like you or me, actually stands a chance at something so magnificent. It is also why chick-lit (I truly find the term demeaning) is extremely popular, despite scoring low on the literary count.

One could argue that art that is too colloquial actually lowers standards. That is true to a certain extent. But don’t our standards change as we evolve as a society itself? Modern art, chick-lit, colloquial songs like DK Bose and Kolaveri for example… these too, are a part of our culture now. While at one time, classical dance forms was what India was famous for, today Bollywood dance is a dance form by itself, and has many takers around the world!

These new, simplified forms of art, may or may not be the best. They may not be perfect. However, they are accessible to you and me.

The success of art, therefore is based on the ability of viewers to connect with it. So as times change, our standards change to an extent too.

As I see it, ‘perfection’ itself is over-rated. Anything less than perfect, is not so bad after all. On the other hand, it might even be more interesting!

Kolaveri, like many other things, is far from being perfect. And therein exactly, lies its appeal!

So, my dear soup-u – boys-u and girls-u, now-u you tell-u me, ‘why this kolaveri?’

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31 replies on “Very Very Kolaveri!”

I am completely stunned by the popularity of the song, and now u mention a Chinese bunch dancing to it…I must watch tht one now! I am also not a huge fan of boy Dhanush and so was stumped by my own reaction to his nonsensical Tanglish song, which he has actually sung well!!! But like u said more than perfection it’s the “real” ness of his soup song tht I liked, and now i’m into it too! well atleast for this I’d say, Dhanush you rocku pa machan!
Ha ha, you couldn’t have put it better!!! Dhanush rocks-u 🙂

but actually will someone tell me what is Kolaveri I mean what does it mean ? I didnt understand only !

I heard it once and well I am kinda like naive… also songs, music grow on me if I keep listening more and more… ! :-/
Did you see the link Dee posted?

As Hitchy says, I still have to understand what Kolaveri means :D! Wonder if it has something to do with killing or breaking one’s heart!
It is about a boy being jilted or dumped by a girl 😉
I resisted clicking on that link for AGES, till finally I succumbed to the curiosity to know what the heck it was all about! First time, and I was hooked by the music, and as you say, the “real” ness of it all… easy lyrics, easy tune, and foot-tapping music! It grows on you, it does, and pulls you in! I’m not surprised by the no. of hits it’s getting. The song, and the makers of it together will ensure greater numbers!
Ha ha, got you too 🙂 It does pull you in! I’m curious to see how long this fad lasts.
Love your blog template btw 🙂
Aww thank you so much, Ushus!!! I love the vibrant colours too 😉

Arey there was an article about the song in Bombay times (errr..that I dont read Bombay times is another comes free wtih TOI and often ends up in my kitchen for the shelf lining!) but I have heard the song is ek dum dhinchak and all….have to hear it over the weekend..thanks for the link 🙂
Wow, and you liked it, eh?

Errr…honestly I dont know what the hype is about..RD (hubby) and R (daughter) seem to be pretty crazy about it..and RD says it will grow on me..but after 4 days of listening to it…I am not too sure..may be I dont get it at all 🙂
Songs like these, R’s Mom, you either love or hate. There is no sitting-on-the-fence 😉

I am in love with the song!! 😛 Ha ha 🙂
And that’s Shruthi before the glamour industry bit her!! 😉 Ugh 😉
Ugh – I think Chetan is overrated as an author and as a celebrity! TOTALLY!!!!
But, I love-u Kolaveri!! 😛 😉 Ha ha, me too 😉

How dare u make fun of ma shruthi u pixie creature!!! 👿
What makes u think its the glamour industry tht ‘bit’ her? …..Muhahahahhaha!!
Ha ha ha!!!!  
*Count Bratula showing off his wicked fangs with a killer grin* :mrgreen:

I have no words have not heard the song at all. But as you say maybe the easy lyrics and the tune does the trick.
Let me know once you have heard it, Bikki.
And ra-one what a waste of tim that was….
Sigh! Waste of money too!

Haven’t heard the song! But have read enough about it on twitter and 2 blog posts on it! So am curious now… will check it out just after this!
Ohhhh you haven’t heard it? do hop onto the bandwagon!

I agree with what you say… its the simplicity that appeals to me. Its simple, catchy and I can sing it… Not just hum it, I can sing it!
Thanks so much Aathira! How have you been, dear?

I like the song… and I think that art being meant for classes not for the masses is something which I grossly disagree with… Perhaps that is the reason I appreciate Chetan Bhagat… for his ability to connect with the masses
Thanks Prats. You like CB? Grr…. *dislike* 😉

Honestly I heard the song but din’t like it so stopped it half way and since then I have been wondering why it has become so popular…. I think I get the logic after reading this post…. 🙂
Thanks Tan. Infact Kolaveri isn’t a bad song compared to most other Bollywood/Kollywood songs that have come out in the recent past! See DK Bose for example.. there was nothing much (not even a hummable tune!) but it still was a hit in India. Songs/movies/etc succeed for various reasons… sometimes people even call it luck 😉

you know I’m nodding in agreement to every word here…
Aww thank you Scribbly!
I loved Dhobi Ghat, I’m not even dreaming to watch RaOne, I love Kolaveri and for a simple reason as your-I can sing it and that too without racking my brain as to what the lyrics mean 🙂
Ha ha! I actually saw Ra One at the cinema… what a waste of money!!
I don’t like Chetan Bhagat-yes haven’t read any book of his and I’m taking pride in saying this 🙂
Hi 5 🙂
and last but very important line that you’ve put
While perfection is great, being ‘real’ is far more attractive I totally completely wholly agree 😀
Thank you dear, made my day!

Ahh…yes…The Kolavari pandemic has spreading like wild fire. The tune is catchy and the lyrics are simple. You don’t need to be or know Tamil to understand the jist of the song.
As regards the Chinese dance troupe, I guess the saying is true that music transcends all boundaries.
Oh yes it has.. waiting for the day (if ever) it tops international charts 😉 😉
PS Good thing you clarified you are not a CB fan 😛
Grr… am certainly not 🙂

i agree,It is indeed a groovy song.But please make sure to tweak the lyrics of “scotch-u” to “butter scotch-u” or “milk shake” for your lil brat ok. 🙂
Lol! We haven’t got that far, Brattu. 
i had also seen ‘dhobi-ghat’ very recently. Its was very interesting especially the story of tht muslim girl as seen through the home video tapes.I just fell in love with tht actress’s voice. I think that was the best segment of the whole movie.
Me too, me too!! She did an outstanding job! Infact every single actor in that film was exceptional!!
Having said that why did you have to compare this with Ra.One.Thts a totally different genre altogether.If you had to compare it with a SRK movie, compare it with a movie like Swades na. I think Ra.One wasnt tht bad compared to all the other nonsense tht came out frm bollywood recently.
Lol! Ra One was a hyped movie, and a silly one at that. Swades was good, I loved it!! 
Anyway back to kolveri.. 😛 and offcourse ma white-u skin-u ponnu shruthi! I think she looks cute n adorable in all her pictures. Its not at all a meanie picture pal. I lubbbed it 😛 .
Ha ha ha, so its true… you know what people say: Love is Blind-u!!
Unlike Mr Dhanush who is scared of her, im ready to get ‘kolaverified’ by her all day. I think she looks cuter whn she gets tht ‘kolaveri’ 😀 😀 😀 Ooh and i like her new nose too! :mrgreen:
LOL!!!! Best-est wishes for that to happen some day!!

I take it that I’m the only one here who dislikes it greatly.
LOL! No Urmi, there are many others, we just don’t see them commenting out in the open 😉
Nevertheless – I thought I’d write in to say I loved your post 🙂
Aww thank you so much!

I do agree that everything does not have to be perfect all the time – heck, even I have enjoyed the typical trashy roadside type ‘music’ from time to time – and you are so right, that is the only reason I like CB, because he writes from his heart and uses very basic language even though it sometimes veers too much towards the slanglish that I cannot bring myself to appreciate 😉
Ha! I cannot bear to read any more of his books, even if someone were to give it to me free of cost!!

I’ve heard the song. It’s catchy. I love the picturisation too.
But then again…is it really that good to gain this kind of popularity??? That’s something I wonder…
Like many people say, Ash, it looks like this is the Marketing Era. There’s not much rhyme or reason as to why/how something succeeds (PS: I really liked the simplicity and freshness of Kolaveri)

Wow. Loved the point that you made at the end. It’s really got me thinking!
Thank you! So glad it did 🙂
The thing is, such stuff can happen in your (so-called) creative fields, but in a highly competitive situation (eg. first-class tennis) an average performance might not have that appeal.
I quite agree, K!!!
Anyways, Happy Kolaveri to you.
Lol! Thanks and same to you 😉

Umm, well, reading about it everywhere, I finally watched it on YouTube. Kinda ok … Anybody can ‘sing’ it. But a tad overhyped I say. And looks like there is a ‘Kolaveri Da’ song now. After all, if winter comes, can spring be far behind?
Definitely overhyped, but then, this is the age of over-hyping 😉 I didn’t like the Kolaveri Da song.. thought they tried ‘too hard’.

I think you have hit the nail on the head, Pallu:) That makes so much sense. That inane, silly song, seems to have captured everybody’s attention – and there is certainly something endearing about it 🙂
Thank you Smithu!!

Like Usha, I resisted the urge to click the link. I was seeing a lot of Kolaveri mentions in twitter too. Finally when I did, I found myself going ‘Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di’ all the time. Even had the L & M listen to it. 😛 Now I sing it to Luci my pup 😛
Ha ha ha, that made me smile all along 🙂 Well done, Shail!

“Well, to me, it is very simply, what I can connect with!” Exactly how I feel too. And sometime the simplest of things, words or actions connect with you the most. And Kolaveri did precisely that to me- connected with me, from the very go!

Super-u post-u Pall-u 😀 😀
Thanku thanku da Deepu 🙂

BTW, did you hear the female version of kolaveri- not half as catchy as Dhanush’s but quite funny nonetheless with her fitting answer 😀
Hey yes I did, and nice lyrics, but I thought that girl was way too serious… no?

Ok what I don’t understand in this song is the title,actaully the whole song is meaningless but still fun to hear! I don’t understand the meaning of soupy boys!!??!??
LOL! You are right, this is a fun song, not a serious one. Soup boy I think means someone who has been dumped by his gf!

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