Friday Frolic

Friday Fun

Just saw this post on someone’s FB page:

Every Women is a Rani Lakshmi bai

Every Women is a Rani Lakshmi bai

Rani Before wedding

Lakshmi duing wedding

Bai after wedding

Hee hawwww 😆 🙄 😆

Happy Friday, folks! And happy long weekend (wherever applicable :-))

(PS: My apologies for not being regular at my blog or at yours!!! Will be back soon!!)

55-er Short story

The boy who never smiled – 55-er / fiction

Clothes, chocolates, gifts – nothing satisfied Akaash. Ungrateful, resentful child.

Yesterday, I offered left-over pastry. He glared!

‘What the hell do you want????!!!’ I screamed, frustrated.

He replied quietly – ‘My mother. Please send her home? Tomorrow’s my exam’.

Behind me, Kanthabai waited nervously.

Both, pleading in silence.

‘Go!’ I whispered.

For the first time, Akaash smiled.

Incidents Thought and Reason

The bunch of…

The bunch of them roam carefree,

oblivious of the life that is bustling outside,

thinking of only, how to enjoy the next moment.

They laze around in an air-conditioned room,

while tanned labourers sweat and toil outside,

building sky-scrapers that they cannot dream of owning.

The bunch of them enjoy a lazy afternoon,

overhearing grandma gossip over the daily soap,

while the servant maid pretends to clean and scrub.

Until, the master of the house appears that evening,

and sees them through the corner of his eye.

And fumes, at the maid, the grandma, and the Recession.

For he spots, that dirty bunch roaming around carefree,

That bunch of hair, in the corner of the house.