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London commute diaries

The pandemic seems to be officially over in London, and we have been asked to come into the office atleast 2 days a week. The introvert in me is still secretly hoping that by God’s grace there will be another lockdown of sorts (but no more lives lost, please, that was awful).

On the train today, there was a young girl in the seat facing me. This is what happens:

Young girl: Puts on makeup, foundation, rouge, eye liner (how do you even do that in a moving train!), some sculpting pen.

Me: The only thought going on in my head … should I eat my lunch now on the train, or wait until lunch time 🙂 ?

True story. That that person, that that problem! Hee hee hee.

I leave you with a lovely photo of my view from the train today. Enjoy!

London bridge is not falling down! Pic courtesy: None other than myself!

And just like that..

…another 2 years have passed since my last post. Where has time flown?

I almost forgot I had a WordPress account (some kind soul “Liked” an an old comment, and it brought me here!). Took a few attempts to log in. Once I eventually managed to make it here, I realised everything had changed. I didn’t even know “how to post”! Well, we figure things out anyway, don’t we? We are shmaaartt that way 😉

So, have you heard of “Angel numbers”? Yes? Great! Do you believe in them?

I hadn’t heard of it, until I saw it on the Insta handle of my friend Mayuri! (Yeah, it sounds cool.. being on Insta and all that jazz, but I don’t know how to use that darn channel either!). When I was going through a particularly stressful time last year, I kept seeing “22:22” so often on my phone and clock. Every other day! I had to Google it. It said , good things are about to come. I didn’t believe it. Couldn’t. Things were out of my control, and they were looming like dark grey skies over my head! But it was true. Things did pass. The situation did improve. The problem did resolve.

So for those of you out there who are currently having troubles of your own, just remember “This too shall pass”. Here’s wishing you peace and hope.

Photo by Monstera from Pexels