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Sex and blogging

Wait! This is NOT what you think it is.

All I meant (in complete innocence) was – Does gender play a significant role in blogging success?

In the last two years of my life here in Blogosphere, I’ve come to know such wonderful bloggers…people from all walks of life.. students, wives, bachelors, mothers…why, even grandmothers!!

But the interesting thing is – most bloggers are of the fairer sex. (Strictly in my opinion) Seven of every 10 bloggers is a female. Or maybe I do not blog-hop fairly yet. So, does that mean women make better bloggers? Are women more creative and expressive than men? Or do women simply have more interest and time in exploring this new dimension called Cyberspace?

Equally puzzling is the fact that the few male bloggers that I’ve read are all so brilliant! Their writing is more infrequent, but also more incisive and incredibly witty. So then, do men make better and more promising bloggers?

What do you think?

Do share your views!

26 replies on “Sex and blogging”

Maybe because women are from Venus and men are from Mars
that they spend time hanging out with friends, wine and cigars
but it is a fact that women bloggers have raised the bars
and let the best man/woman win the blogging wars.

ya.. i read some survey that more women blog than men and less like to abandon blogs. even network was formed i think its called not sure.

dont know about others my excuses- iam not as creative, lazy,.. busy out-n-about doing junks.. et..

Indyeah here..cant comment from ym WP account for some reason..

okie here goes again 😀

Women bloggers are more in number …. yep true! 😀
more expressive and more affectionate and emotional 😀
true again!
though that does not apply to everyone just as the one about guys doenst apply to everyone 🙂

that said there are many male bloggers too who are equally ecxpressive and sweet and comfy in their skin 🙂

*Indy hops away thinking about how cleverly she got out of that one* 😀

PS:-pal the blog you commented on today was my old new one is still on WordPress 🙂

At first, I feared the worst.

Most of the bloggers I see around a women. Men tend to be more technical while women tend to blog about relationships and life and stress. Not that men don’t blog about those stuff, but a great deal of the men I know that blog do it for cameras and cars and motorbikes and food. One guy does blog about his baby daughter, bless his heart.

Vimmu- Yay!! Survey backs up my theory!!Cool!!

Indy- Why aren’t u able to comment? Oh please do try again…it would be very interesting to know your thoughts on this ;=)

Sol- He he…thanks, that was the intention!

Ally- Always scope for a more apt post for the title, eh? Reg. ‘jobless’ that suits me fine!

Pix- U r right!!

PRG- Yay…for supporting women!!

Mon- He he, sorry. Another post another day with the same title ;=) We do rock, don’t we!!

Yuva- Admire your honest excuses 😉

Spamwarrior- That is quite true…women do blog a lot about relationships et al. Will check out that site soon! Thx buddy.

Posting on behalf of Indy gurl:-
okie here goes again 😀

Women bloggers are more in number …. yep true! 😀

more expressive and more affectionate and emotional 😀

true again!

though that does not apply to everyone just as the one about guys doenst apply to everyone 🙂

that said there are many male bloggers too who are equally expressive and sweet and comfy in their skin 🙂

Also we love blogging coz this is another way to meet new people, new minds and make some great friends na?:D


*Indy hops away thinking about how cleverly she got out of that one* 😀

Pal U have raised an ageold argument in blogosphere and the stats are women bloggers are more in number(they do write very well) and they mostly are in personal blogging realm … and I feel its not about creativity its just maybe women are more expressive I think so they can narrate their personal experiences and stories in more interesting way
whereas men mostly blog about technical stuff , cricket, stocks etc…(basically this is where most men interests are) which does not seem to be very attractive for the readers….
I have seen many men bloggers wane off due to lack of readership….I know a few of them who started strong but then slowly their blogs died….
and other reasons for lesser male bloggers are mentioned above in comments….

Pre script: I am a male chauvinist.

Thats a topic I’ve heard a lot too. It has nothing to do with women being more creative!
I can elucidate by an example, perhaps.
One of my friend, a male, put up a blog review request on a forum, IndiBlogger, I think, and all he got was 5 replies.
He noticed that a certain lady put up a request almost at the same time as him, and she got some 20-30 replies. I was amused when he happened to narrate this one day, just by chance, and checked both the blogs, and found, – this is meant as no offence to the women kind or anything- that his blog was far more superior, stuff-wise.
And what eventually happened was, he lost interest and quit blogging altogether. There are ppl who blog just as a means of self-expression and satisfaction without expecting any responses at all, but we could all do away with some good reactions, isnt it?

As the guy who’s commented just before me rightly pointed out, there are a lot of ppl who start promisingly, and wane off due to lack of readership. But all those of fairer sex 🙂 get very good backing and support, is what I have noticed.

But you are right, 7 of 10 bloggers are female. I dont know why is it so, may be coz they dont find more attractive ways to spend time or something?

So here are my answers to your questions, Pal.
– There is no such a thing as an upper hand in the matter of creativity for women, but they are more expressive than men.
– Men do make good bloggers, (dont judge by blogs like mine!), as do women.

Disclaimer: Again, author is a male chauvinist, All views are personal.

Good questions, Pal.

pallavi akka, I wrote a post on the same topic for a friends blog – a guest post . How womens blog gets all the attention, while men chase flies in their blogs, well first thing a girl’s blog visited by both men n women, women to build network n support n by men for all obvious reasons- that me n my friends humble opinion.

and coming to that! I suppose, I’m in the mentioned list , of men’s blog… wink 🙂
Well women are creative and at times and most times better than men, not to put ice/ any chaska maska word.. Honestly they are because they always have better ways of putting thing and better perspectives

If you’re a lover of The god of small things. Take this from me.. nO novel will ever be again written like that…

coming to blogs, I find this a space where there’s quality n equality in/by men and women

Indy- I think you got a point there…blogging is a route to making more friends…and I guess this comes naturally to the Venusians.

Dhiman- That is unfortunate – for good bloggers to die out for want of patronage! I sometimes wonder why I even try to blog when I don’t quite get anywhere, but then this is all I have to keep my little brain from rusting 😉

But going by your theory, atleast the male bloggers must gang up and support each other (and support the fairer sex too – ofcourse!), right? Or maybe every blogger enjoys reading what women bloggers write about – life, relationships, society….

Rameez- Ha ha! I was waiting for a staunch take like this one 😉 I really don’t know any answers either. Because many of the male (I assume) bloggers I’ve read are fantastic, especially when it comes to the humour-meter and incisive writing.

Seems like most of the responses above do point in certain directions… about women being able to establish a stronger network in blogosphere, and about being able to appeal to the masses by virtue of what they write.

And maybe women are able to focus and dedicate more quality time to blogging as its as much a hobby as it is a vent?!

(P.S: Pyaari behano, please do not ostracise me for the above!!)

Barath- Thanks for your honesty and support, as always! See this is the interesting thing about develop an entirely new family and support system outside your immediate physical world! Can you please post a link to your guest comment on the other blog? Would really like to read more on this.

“Equally puzzling is the fact that the few male bloggers that I’ve read are all so brilliant! Their writing is more infrequent, but also more incisive and incredibly witty.”

Was that directed at me ? 😉 Thanks . 😀 . Ok , I am not that swollen in the head , that was a joke . Sex has a role to play , I guess . Men and Women are different in certain respects . Not in the way that men are superior and women are inferior . For instance , I have never seen a girl stutter , and as per my observation the average female is better at expressing/communication than your average male . And after you pointed it out, it does seem that there are more woman bloggers . I am glad that I don’t stammer while writing in the presence of females , other wise my blogging life would have been a disaster as well . 🙂 Very intriguing title btw , I came over wondering whether what-not ! 😀

He he Kislay! Ofcourse that was solely written about you…why did it take so long to figure out 😉

And yeah, women are definitely more expressive… its a basic need to vent.. wonder why people term it ‘gossip’!! Not that u did, but generally!

And…and… ‘stammer while writing’…. my God…that is outrageous(ly funny) 🙂

Hey Pal,

I have to say I was bit dissappointed with the writeup after seeing the title 😉

But really interesting questions ….I am really intrigued….I would like to add one more question to it
Are men more lazy ?:)

He he he…sorry to disappoint, Karthik! Will think of another post that will really befit the title 🙂

As to your question, I think if one could blog using a Wii or PSP, then it will be the men who will outnumber the women!!

Pal, that was one royal disappointment you have caused me with your misleading title! 😛 Anyways now that I am here…
I always hear a lot about women bloggers getting more readers. But… but…. isn’t it same in real life too?? 😉 Ahem…. you usually find a bunch of boys following (though no one has asked them to) a girl/girls… 😉 Just kidding (or am I??)
I wonder what the reason is for there being a lot more women bloggers. It is true that most blogs from women fall in the personal blogs category and most of those from men in the technical category. There is more scope for creativity and originality in personal blogging I feel and that draws more readers. As for technical blogs, the readers are those who have an interest in that topic only and naturally so limited in number.
But I have this to say : anything written well, with originality, passion or humor does get viewers and survives in the long run.

Aha! Glad to have misled a lot of people with the title, Shail. Totally intended 🙂

And I liked your analysis. Its is true…technical blogs or themed blogs naturally have fewer readers, so that’s probably the reason for personal blogs being more popular. Well identified, Shail.

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