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We Men and Wo men (Tag)

I have thought too much on this Tag from Indyeah.

If I was a man, this is what We Men would want Wo men to be.



We totally admire the likes of the intelligent Sushmita Sen and the flamboyant Lara Dutta. Women such as these are priceless.

And here is the BIG confession: They are way too good for ordinary men like us.

Therefore, we will resign our fate to living  with the lesser mortals.

Resolution no. 1: We Men will not be fussy about Brains.

I mean, look at what ‘being bold’ has done to Barkha Dutt and Big Sister Shilpa Shetty. We will hereby give brains a miss and be content with a curvaceous miss Amisha Patel!

Resolution no. 2: We will not hanker after elusive factors

Its just NOT FAIR, to judge a woman on something invisible and intangible, such as Loving Nature. We resolve to focus more on the look and feel…and adjust (with an open.. mind) with a sizzling Priyanka Chopra.

Resolution no. 3: (Most important) We will deflate our ego.

We will – in all humility – sacrifice our expectation of ‘Ethereal Beauty’ and ‘settal’ for that base thing called Sex Appeal. We will not pine for the unattainable Julia Roberts, but will survive a meaningless existence, day after day… night after night, with an ordinary Mallika Sherawat.


Phew… being a Man is so difficult! I am glad this tag is done!

20 replies on “We Men and Wo men (Tag)”

@ Vimmu – Thanks a lot for your lovely words. So, are you a typical man too? Ego-less and self-less? God bless this species!

@ Piper – He he, thanks so much darling. Please do take up the tag too! I would so love to read about your dream girls.

@ Oorja – Thanks a lot! Know what? I was so confused while doing the tag, because these days, We Men don’t always think of Wo men. Sometimes we also think of Woh Men!!! And that can make a tag like this really complicated!!

@ Dhiman – Am I glad to see another real man!! Doing this tag has helped me realise how noble men really are. (Btw, Thank you for commenting :-))

And here is the BIG confession: They are way too good for ordinary men like us.

Therefore, we will resign our fate to living with the lesser mortals.
You are bang on target with this one Pal! 😀

We will not pine for the unattainable Julia Roberts, but will survive a meaningless existence, day after day… night after night, with an ordinary Mallika Sherawat.
Now I knwo why you stayed up all night doing this tag Pal!!
All the resolutions are darn good 😀

loved your take 😉

Indy- Darn! U found out why I stayed up all night now!! Thanks for tagging though…it has been a very enlightening experience for me!!

Pix- Thank you too, buddy 🙂

Why is that the wars of the gender
is always about who is bigger or cooler
in time as you get to go deeper and deeper
we’ll know there is nothing by which we differ.

Pal, good one.

Hmmm…that’s a different viewpoint…something that I need to think about in earnest! Thanks, PRG. Missed your comments!!

😉 We men are not that complication and don’t think this much.
only one thought is.. will she go out with me or not?!. 😉 if not she is bitch or if yes she is sweet (for a week may be ;))

if this (Monique Marvez standup) interests you can browse thru for related videos

wow!!! claps for pal..

loved loved loved ur post 😀

and at this note let me blow my trumpet a little u know lara’s parents live next door to me are we are kind of close friends 😀 😀

Oh that you so so very much, Mon. I really am glad I didn’t have anything bad to say about Lara ;-)))

“I am a Muslim, I am a feminist and I detest the full-body veil, known as a niqab or burqa. It erases women from society and has nothing to do with Islam but everything to do with the hatred for women at the heart of the extremist ideology that preaches it.”

“As disagreeable as I often find French President Nicolas Sarkozy, he was right when he said recently, “The burqa is not a religious sign, it is a sign of the subjugation, of the submission of women. I want to say solemnly that it will not be welcome on our territory.” It should not be welcome anywhere, I would add.”

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