I won… I won…

Dearest friends,

Guess what? I won a prize @ Sulekha Blogs for my post titled ‘Beauty for the Beasts’. Here is the link: http://sulekhablogs.sulekha.com/blog/post/2009/06/not-just-women-contest-2-winners.htm

Thanks to all of you, time and again, for your constant and unconditional encouragement and support! Thanks so much!!

(P.S: My most adorable little sonny boy isn’t keeping very well now, so I might have to postpone opening that bottle of Champagne….nah, just Coke actually!!)


19 thoughts on “I won… I won…

  1. Thanks a million, girls and guys. Lil one still very weak. So on a short blog-break!! Couldn’t resist this one peek though 😉

  2. Ganga- Know what? The comp. automatically identifies you and associates an icon with your profile! So what does SCorpion say about u 😉 ? And thanks a lot, dear buddy for that lovely ray of hope (though its atleast a million years away from reality)

    Supps & Ipshita- Thanks, lil one getting better. Refuses to eat anything but ice-cream 😉

    Rameez- Aww..thank you so much!!

  3. Hi Pallavi you have made this a habit
    of pulling everytime from your hat a rabbit
    but it should be said to your blog’s credit
    that there are a lot of us who really dig it!

    Wishes for the li’l one to get well soon.

  4. PRG- Thanks once again, for another cute little verse. How do you manage to spin these so spontaneously? And thanks also for your wishes for the little one. He’s back to his normal terrorising self now :=)

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