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Sex and blogging

Wait! This is NOT what you think it is.

All I meant (in complete innocence) was – Does gender play a significant role in blogging success?

In the last two years of my life here in Blogosphere, I’ve come to know such wonderful bloggers…people from all walks of life.. students, wives, bachelors, mothers…why, even grandmothers!!

But the interesting thing is – most bloggers are of the fairer sex. (Strictly in my opinion) Seven of every 10 bloggers is a female. Or maybe I do not blog-hop fairly yet. So, does that mean women make better bloggers? Are women more creative and expressive than men? Or do women simply have more interest and time in exploring this new dimension called Cyberspace?

Equally puzzling is the fact that the few male bloggers that I’ve read are all so brilliant! Their writing is more infrequent, but also more incisive and incredibly witty. So then, do men make better and more promising bloggers?

What do you think?

Do share your views!