55-er Incidents Short story

The joys of a shopaholic (55-er)

‘Going shopping!!!’ she exclaimed.

It was a good two hours when she returned. She was beaming. Loaded with shopper bags from the ASDA sale. Jeans, Perfume, Shoes!!!

She sipped her coffee languorously, savouring the breeze that blew over the Thames.

Her smile suddenly disappeared. It was her neighbour. Returning home with dainty bags from L’occitane.


The ABC tag

Dmanji has tagged me with this cute little “ABC Tag” that is infact a ‘Know more about me series’. The rules are :

Link the person who tagged you.
Post the rules on your blog.
Share the ABCs of you.
Tag 3 people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs.
Let the 3 tagged people know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website.
Do not tag the same person repeatedly but try to tag different people, so that there is a big network of bloggers doing this tag! (Very Important One!)
A – Available/Single?   ***Pal: Hmm, need to check with hubby on that!

B – Best friend?    ***Pal: Just a precious handful, can’t name though 🙂

C – Cake or Pie?  ***Pal: A HUGE BLACKFOREST CAKE!!

D – Drink of choice?   ***Pal: Molten ice-cream.. sounds yum?

E – Essential item you use every day? ***Pal: Has GOT to be the computer!

F – Favorite colour?  ***Pal: Anything that looks good on me 😉

G – Gummy Bears Or Worms?  ***Pal: If I HAVE to choose anyway, ‘Gummy Bears’ atleast sounds new!

H – Hometown?   ***Pal: Chennai! Good old Madras! The city of beautiful saris, yummy food (crisp, ghee dosais and tangy Chaats), beautiful temples, and the best part: Family!!

I – Indulgence?  ***Pal: Absolutely food! Croissants, Chips, Pizza!!!

J – January or February?    ***Pal: January – a fresh start to a new year 🙂

K – Kids & their names?     ***Pal: My dear little Rishi baby, the brat of my life!

L – Life is incomplete without?   ***Pal: Money, honey!

M – Marriage date?   ***Pal: Hmmm…I happen to forget every year!

N – Name? Your real name!!   ***Pal: That’s no secret .. Pallavi!

O – Oranges or Apples?   ***Pal: Oranges definitely.

P – Phobias/Fears?    ***Pal: That somebody would read my blogs and find out what a non-writer I am!

Q – Quote for today?   ***Pal: Trust in God.

R – Reason to smile?    ***Pal: Brown paper packages tied up in strings….

S – Season?    ***Pal: Summer in London 🙂

T – Tag 3 People?  ***Pal: Three wonderful bloggers: Oorja, Quirky Indian and Miss M

U – Unknown fact about me?   ***Pal: That I am a Man!

V – Vegetable you don’t like?   ***Pal: Ladies Fingers 😉

W – Worst habit?   ***Pal: Inherent laziness!

X – X-rays?   ***Pal: X-Ray of the Tooth can be quite irritating.

Y – Your favorite food?   ***Pal: Italian cuisine

Z – Zodiac sign?   ***Pal: Capricorn

Now my turn to Tag three people and they are Oorja, Quirky Indian and Miss M

Humour Incidents Poem

A walk in the rain

A smile on your lips,

That deep, beautiful dimple

Your laughter, a tinkle

As we walked in the rain!


Starry eyes that danced,

Your words, lilting and lovely!

Happiness seared through me

As we walked in the rain!


Amid the deafening

pitter-patter I found

Serenity unbound

As we walked in the rain!


As I relished every

Moment of this journey,

You popped the question:

‘Mummy, will you carry me?’


I gather you,

Your little toy train

And this precious memory,

Of our walk in the rain!


This is for my dearest little ‘Rishibaby’


A non-post…

Is it a ‘Bowl Full’ or a ‘Bowlful’?

Who cares!

It was Rasberry Swirl ice-cream,

…A ‘BIG’ bowl-full!!!

Have I reached Heaven yet?


Edited to add: OMG, OMG. Haagen Daas Cookies n Cream is miles better!! Thank you Sanyash!!

Humour Incidents

The Heart That Skipped a Beat

(This is a rushed post…apologies :-))

You know, the way we get attached to simple things. Things that are not really expensive, but those that are precious. Because they are ubiquitous, in our life. They have always been there, been a part of some nice experience… Let me explain.

After two months of vacation in good ol’ Chennai, I went grocery shopping at the local Asda store just last evening. It was a week day, and an evening in that, so I was not expecting much of a crowd. I was therefore, caught by surprise at the number of shoppers there were!

There were the typical Bangladeshi families piling their weekly/monthly groceries in a huge trolley (with four kids trailing in a row), the typical British families (with freckled children and their teenage parents yelling at each other), and the typical Indian families (whispering timidly into the partner’s ears). And there was also a huge gang of noisy young boys, straight out of school.

I carefully and quickly meandered my way through the grocery, because I desparately needed to visit that all-important section that read :’SUMMER SALE! SALE! SALE!’

My red backpack was empty, except for my wallet, so I hung it on the buggy so I could focus on the Sale.

It certainly was good – the sale, I mean. I got a pair of Thomas Shoes (with blinking lights!!), a very nice pair of jeans and a pair of Thomas socks (Yes, I confess – the Little One’s clothes are all about Thomas The Tank Engine. He infact refuses to wear any other undies even!) – and all this for under GBP 15.

As I bent down to place the bargain into the basket, the Little One cooed sweetly (diametrically opposite the way he usually YELLS!!) I was delighted. First a great bargain, and second, a gurgly baby! It was a nice day indeed.

When I suddenly realised that my backpack was no longer hanging by the side of the buggy. I was horrified!

My backpack! My wallet! My credit card! Oh damn! My house key!!!

I turned round and round, as if I would find it lying on the floor. Ofcourse, it wasn’t there. I examined the buggy again. Not on the handles, not in the basket. The Little One cooed again, and gave me a dimply smile. ‘Yeah yeah! Not now!’ I scowled.

The gang of noisy young boys passed by, laughing out loud. It seemed like they had been following us all over the store. In the grocery section, in the juices section, why, even in the Baby section! It suddenly struck me that it might have been one of them. These irresponsible English boys with no sense of respect for elders!

I wanted to call the security officer. I wanted to confront them. Make them confess to their deed/crime. Make them pay for it. Teach them a lesson.

With that temporary surge of bravery, my hands started trembling. I was sweating too, and the scanty remains of my hair were by now plastered to my forehead (I always wonder how these ‘phoren’ girls manage to have wavy/straight non-oily, non-sticky hair!!)

I cleared my throat and called out ‘Excuse me!’ My vocal cords did not co-operate. I coughed a little, and tried again. To no avail.

So I grabbed my shopping basket (Now why the hell could I not just leave it there? I couldn’t have paid for it anyway!) and started walking briskly in their direction. ‘Ammaaaaaaaaa…..’, I heard a voice. It was my Little One. How could I have forgotten 😦 As I ran back to grab his buggy, something tugged at my back. It was an open door of a shelf. Caught onto the belt that hung, from guess what? My backpack!

There it was! Sitting safely on my back. My good old red backpack. My friend and companion for the last two years. I thanked the good Lord. And felt mushy about the bag not being stolen after all. You know, the nice happy ending type!


Oh Yes, things were back to normal.

Humour Incidents

Gold is Old

(Sorry Guys n Gals, for not posting in a long long time!)

One of the highlights of my recent trip to Chennai….

(And inspired by this post)

I triumphantly walked into Prince Jewellery to buy a gold chain. My mum’s shopping tip: ‘Always carry cash, it might earn a discount’. So I first withdrew Rs.15000 from the ATM. And borrowed another Rs.5000 from mum.

After scanning rows and rows of shelves filled with dazzling gold, I finally zeroed in on a nice, simple chain, and a pair of thin ring earrings (like the kind my mum always wore when she was younger). I asked for a pair of dangling pearl earrings too, but the silly shop didn’t have any. Their loss, I swore.

So, the sales guy placed the chosen jewellery on a nice velvety tray and weighed it, and turned his calculator to me.

I could have sworn I almost fainted. Rs.44000! Rs.44000? Rs.44000 for a THIN chain and a THIN earring?!

‘Free Gift Madam…microwave dabba’, he said, rubbing salt into the wound!

Thank God I had my last mobile (yeah, the same dabba LG one, that now flickers like a bloo** tubelight when I unlock it :-(). I made this imaginary call to my mum, who was ‘supposedly the intended recipient of the gift of jewellery’. And then cut the line, and told the salesman, ‘Sorry, she wants to choose it herself! I’ll be back tomorrow’. The guy gave a knowing smile, and pushed the tray back under the table.

And I scooted out of the shop! Terribly upset.

I mean, how do people ever afford gold these days? Wedding albums are full of skinny women sagging under the weight of kasumalais (rani-haar ?) and voddianams.

(My meandering mind reminds me of my wedding day, when I refused to wear any jewellery other than the basic stuff. When my in-laws tried to make me wear a voddianam, refusal wasn’t an option. So they brought me a little neice’s gold voddianam and tried to put it around me. To be fair, it did go halfway around. Luckily, the metal that Gold is, it doesn’t stretch. So they had to take it away).

So, to summarise…I guess Gold is simply old!!

Or mebbe its the grapes that are sour?!!