Thought and Reason


Came across this link on Rediff news that Lord Krishna really did exist.

If you read the Comments section. various people have left remarks  on how this theory disproves atheists, those of non-Hindu faith, about how Krishna is the spiritual father of Jesus Christ..etc.

I wish we could stop getting into that quagmire! For me, this is not about disproving anyone else or giving the Thumbs Up to patronise Hinduism!

Myth or not, we simply believe in little Lord Krishna. But somewhere deep down, I am excited to hear He walked on the face of this earth. I am probably politically incorrect in saying so (considering how anything said in India is taken as a racial or religiously provocative comment!). It is reassuring to know, that something many of us consider, a very beautiful foundation of Hindu religion, has some scientific support. It is hair-raising, in a strange sort of way.

So, happy weekend, all! Peace and happiness to everyone!