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Came across this link on Rediff news that Lord Krishna really did exist.

If you read the Comments section. various people have left remarks  on how this theory disproves atheists, those of non-Hindu faith, about how Krishna is the spiritual father of Jesus Christ..etc.

I wish we could stop getting into that quagmire! For me, this is not about disproving anyone else or giving the Thumbs Up to patronise Hinduism!

Myth or not, we simply believe in little Lord Krishna. But somewhere deep down, I am excited to hear He walked on the face of this earth. I am probably politically incorrect in saying so (considering how anything said in India is taken as a racial or religiously provocative comment!). It is reassuring to know, that something many of us consider, a very beautiful foundation of Hindu religion, has some scientific support. It is hair-raising, in a strange sort of way.

So, happy weekend, all! Peace and happiness to everyone!

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there was also records of Dwaraka. I don’t think any of the stories in our epics are merely myth. But we live in a world where religion has become the main reason for hatred. Hope people take such findings with a pinch of salt.

I never glance through Rediff’s comment section. It is a murky-cheapo space.

@ Hitchybhai: Hmmmm!

@ Pummy: Exactly…very interesting, just that this will be yet another bone of contention forthe blood-thirsty!

@ shail: Wow! I don’t know what I thought, but I do believe in Him anyway!

@ Soli: Bang on! While all religions talk of peace and love, this finally becomes the BIGGEST hurdle to world peace! Rediff’s comments are indeed sick. If you read the comments on this article itself, you almost want to wish they had never done such research.

I don’t think all our stories of krishna & rama & the Kurukshetra war etc. are a myth. I think they do have a basis somewhere – though they may have got exaggerated somewhat over the centuries. I remeber watching this one show on some channel where they were showing this one lake which is supposed to be more than 100 feet deep on the top of a hill. Noone has ever seen the bottom of it and legend has it that its supposed to be the lake where the Pandavas threw their weapons before they went for their vanvas.

Btw have you read about the Easter Island statues?

They have spoken -the stars
that too in conjunction with mars
to prove the timing of the Kurukshetra wars
I have never doubted the existence of Nadakumar.

How can I,when I have taken his name? 🙂

Its sad that religion hs just become some fodder for hatred and argument :(. If there are people who don’t believe in the Lord, they are better off keeping their mouth shut instead of mocking @ the faith others have 😦

Nice to c science n religion go hand in hand 🙂

Pal I have seen most times its the accomplished scientists, scholars who turn biggest believers of Religion , God etc as they reach the pinnacle of science and can explain the things scientifically, that mentioned in our religious texts ….

You see almost all the religious text were written by scholars and people with a lot of knowledge … biggest thing I find about these ancient text is they were written in languages which we don’t use now-a-days so its open to interpretations which people make for their own benefit….

But you know the problem will be this particular documentary may become a political issue in India for obvious reasons….

One last thing I feel history what we have read in text books is not the last word as its getting proved ….. it might be point of view of a group of people with vested interests….

@ SMM: Wow…that piece of info gave me goose-flesh! And what is this abut Easter island statues? Will google it right away. Thanks for sharing, Supps.

@ PRG: Well said, Mr.Nandakumar 🙂

@ Swaram: Absolutely. Men only need a reason to fight…and religion becomes the biggest bone of contention. And you are bang on, when you say, ‘science and religion go hand in hand’. That really is exciting.

@ Dman: Wow! I have also heard (vaguely) about such stories, but I really am glad to hear it again from you. I second your thoughts on sacred texts being so inaccessible and thereby being misinterpreted. Exactly, this is yet another political issue in the making. Will we never change?!

@ Vimmu: Welcome! Did you read the entire article?

@ Prats: Thanks for reading 🙂

An interesting article, I must say.

Lord Krishna definitely existed. I have never ever doubted this. Lord Krishna is the best, the most glorious among the several manifestations of Lord Sri Vishnu.

There are several proofs of his existance and that of the Mahabharata… indeed of the Ramayana, too.

The city of Dwarka is now below the sea… infact the ruins of Hampi is exactly like the city of Dwarka.

Sri Chaitanyadev Mahaprabhu… an incarnation of Lord Krishna has been mentioned in our ancient scriptures and the Puranas… he appeared 500 years ago… in a place called Nabadweep in Bengal.

He was a manifestation of both Sri Radha and Sri Krishna… Sri Radha is the soulmate of Sri Krishna.

Sri Ramakrishna Paramhamshadev existed too.

Even Meerabai was a reality. She was the daughter-in-law of Maharana Pratap Singh’s grandfather Maharana Sangram Singh. Meerabai was an incarnation of Sri Radha.

Infact, the Suryavamshi and the Chandravamshi clans of Kshatriyas have descended from Lord Sri Rama and Sri Krishna… respectively. Yours truly also belongs to the same clan.

Sri Rama and Sri Krishna were human as well as divine.

In fact the Bible also clearly alludes to “Kalki”.

Many sects of Islam: the Shias/khojas/khawajas/Aga Khani/Baha’i… etc have the concept of ‘Dasavathara’.

The Shias are the actual descendants of the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) and are known by the honorific title of “Syed”.

Several scholars say that Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) was actually “Kalki” and that Jesus was also a prophet… a minor prophet… who came to announce the arrival of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH)

Buddhism/Jainism/Sikhism… etc are not new religions per se. They are a part of this ancient vedic faith… now called “Hinduism”. Infact Ikshvaku… an ancestor of Sri Rama played a mmajor role in turning this ancient vedic faith into “Hinduism”.

“Hinduism” was never a religion”… it was never meant to be a religion. It was “sanatana-dharma”. “Sanatana” means “ancient” and “dharma” means “rightousness”. It was a “way of life”, the “path of rightousness”. “Dharma” never meant “religion”. This has been destroyed by invaders and other vested interests… who have been trying to destroy the “soul” of this faith.. and this continues even today. e.g., the “caste system” that we know today never existed. It is a complete corruption of what it was supposed to be… i.e., the “varnashrama”. The term “caste” originates from the Portuguese term “casta”, denoting purity of descent.

The revealed nature of “Vedas” suggests that the varna system is therefore not man-made but of divine origin. Lord Krishna teaches in the Bhagavad Gita that people are allocated to a specific varna according to two criteria, namely (1) guna [personal qualities] and (2) karma [aptitude for a type of work]. He makes no mention of varna being determined by birth. This differentiates the original varnashrama-dharma from the current caste system.

Have you never felt the presence of God… ever in your life??? Through some miracles, or through other people or due to some experience. Think about it…

I still remember the stories of little Krishna that my grandmother used to tell me so often.Even now when I pray the first word I say is ‘krishnaa guruvayurappa’.I really dont want to get into the analysis of the theory whether Lord Krishna was for real or no.All I know is I feel closer to him when I think of all the stories woven around him.

I do believe in God or some unknown power,Pal.The only thing I feel is we attribute different names to Him, but ultimately He is one.Its a shame that we fail to realize that and demean the very existence by indulging in nasty religionism

@ Roshmi – That was really insightful, thanks. I certainly believe in God, and I don’t think my post said anything to the contrary 🙂 Or maybe I haven’t been able to communicate myself properly enough.

@ Deeps – My dad also used to tell us stories of Krishna and Sudama every night! Ditto, I have never thought if Krishna was real or not, but I simply believe. And yes, it is a shame that people use religion as a mere tool to hit back at each other!

@ Mish – Thanks for reading 🙂 Weekend was great…it was a long we went to Kew Gardens, followed by SHOPPING!!

@ Monu: Ditto! The ‘comments’ are incredibly atrocious! I see a lot of comment ‘moderation’ now, though!

@ QI: LOL! Only you can pick on that insignificant little reference to fanaticism! Btw, did you remember to reserve top slot in your ‘Fan Club’ for moi?

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