MBA to Cashier?

Hi All,

My apologies for the hiatus once again!! Hope you’ve been well. The last few weeks have been absolutely manic, and I hope to get back to routine by the end of this month (*Fingers crossed*). In the meanwhile, do head over here to read my article.

Have a great weekend folks!


7 replies on “MBA to Cashier?”

Yess, as MBAs we do think that we are special! 😀
I remember, writing addresses on some 300 envelopes and inserting letters in them which were to be couriered the same evening! It’s all in a day’s work, I guess, sometimes! 😀
Ahaa, another partner in crime 🙂 300 letters in one day is quite a lot, even for an MBA 😉

Well ,M for manager,messenger, and marketer ,As an MBA u should or have to manage every functional stages promptly at ur own place and at that, it doesn’t matter when u come or go home,what u get for that.These all depends upon ur Skill and How smart MBA.According to me if u are Zero in ur office ,dont bother ,if u want to be hero then u have to learn every thing zero to hero.thanx
Yes trye, you have to learn everything from scratch, and that mastery is incomparable! Thank you for your comment Pkj.

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