Monday’s child in 2012

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Well, many of you would have heard of the Monday’s Child poem/rhyme before. For those who haven’t, here it is:

Mondays child is fair of face,
Tuesdays child is full of grace,
Wednesdays child is full of woe,
Thursdays child has far to go,
Fridays child is loving and giving,
Saturdays child works hard for his living,
And the child that is born on the Sabbath day
Is bonny and blithe, and good and gay.

Now I have to admit that my sibling and I actually believed that rhyme to be true, and would often use it to tease each other. It took us many years to realise those were not ‘predictions’ but only a rhyme!!

My Little Prince has learnt a new version at school this week. I have been asking him to repeat it for me all weekend. Because I LOVED it.

Read this, and you will most probably agree:

Monday’s child is red and spotty,
Tuesday’s child won’t use the potty.
Wednesday’s child won’t go to bed,
Thursday’s child will not be fed!
Friday’s child breaks all his toys,
saturday’s child make an awful noise.
And the child which was born on the seventh day…
Was a pain in the neck
Like the rest Okay?
I’m pretty sure this was written by a harried mom!
You can’t not empathise with her now, can you?
(PS: God bless all children, they are truly precious, no matter how annoying they can be at times :-))

14 replies on “Monday’s child in 2012”

hehe that is cute 😛 😛
I don’t like the wednesday thingy in the first poem anyway. Why would they teach any kids that way na? 😉 Anyway I used to be happy telling people that I was full of grace 😉

I hadnt heard of the earlier one till I saw it in R’s rhyme book this year..its a weird poem na..
Yeah, kind of baseless 🙂 I wonder what was going on in the mind of the original author 🙂 
LOL on the second version

The second version is a lovely twist to the original one 🙂
I know, I love it too, and keep asking my little prince to repeat it 🙂 What surprised me, in a good way, was that this was taught by the class teacher herself 🙂 Ha ha.

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