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King-size Chess, anyone?

At a time when iPads and Nintendos rule the roost, it can be quite difficult for a parent to get children to sit down and play a ‘real‘ board game. I have always had a soft corner for board games like Othello, Monopoly, Connect 4, etc. because I feel they enrich us. Games like Chess, for example, help us develop not just concentration but also strategic thinking. And what better age to introduce this, than childhood?

Believe it or not, I did not have the fortune of learning to play Chess during my childhood. A neighbour once offered to teach me, but I guess I found it intimidating! Add to it, a problem of ‘butter fingers’ and this game was out of my league!

I definitely wanted to introduce my 6-year-old to this timeless classic!! However, as you can imagine, expecting a child of this age to sit still and understand the complex rules of Chess can be quite challenging!

Therefore, what better way to do it, than present him with a KING SIZE version of the game?

I was very excited when I came across ‘Big Game Hunters’ (specialists in garden/outdoor toys and giant play equipment). Their ‘standard chess set’ is actually rather huge! My son’s eyes lit up when the box was delivered. He couldn’t wait to arrange the pieces (as per the very handy instruction leaflet) straight away.

As a parent, I am glad that this set has rekindled interest in playing real (touch and feel) board games, as opposed to a rather sedentary Temple Run and Subway Surfer!

The child in me was reminded me of the wizard chess that Harry Potter and Ron Weasley played 🙂 Just that in this case, the magic was not a ‘philosopher’s stone’ but the exciting life-size experience of the game itself 🙂

However, do be aware that (as displayed in the website and Facebook page), the sets are quite big, and take up space, even when they are boxed.

As regards the product review goes, I would rate this 4.0/5.0, the rationale being as follows:


  • Sturdy and robust pieces, especially for little hands. Butter fingers welcome 🙂
  • An innovative take on a classic game, definitely kindles interest, especially for kids.
  • Excellent delivery (super fast timeline and efficient tracking)


  • The mat is a little thin and slippery, and crumples easily. Realised it only when a toddler crawled over it, and by the time we could yank him off, the mat had already crumpled. Perhaps a matte finish would have worked better?

I would definitely recommend this product (if you have the space, that is), both for its intrinsic value, and also as an alternative to watching TV indoors or smashing insects on an iPad!!

(PS: I received a chess set from Big Game Hunters for the purpose of this trial. No other consideration was received for this review. The review is entirely personal and not influenced by Big Game Hunters in any way whatsoever).

11 replies on “King-size Chess, anyone?”

You have explained very breafly & in compact way (every – &+).Now a days lot of games in market.So this information is for all that parents those hav’nt idea abt these .So nice written and keep on .You sd write a separate sigment on child game.TC
Thank you so much Pkj for your comment, and also for the fantastic Idea on a keeping a separate page for reviews/child games. I will work on that.

Thats a fab way to introduce chess to him !!! Why dont you put a pic here ???

And I too loved the Philosopher’s stone chess game 🙂
Sure, will do that Uma.

Interesting!! Should gift this to hubby sometime (he’s a chess freak) but I guess I should wait until we move to a house with a proper backyard…
Oh don’t wait that long Ash, it can be boxed up in no time at all 🙂

I got one big one with the pieces actually having a face. Proper king queen. Castle.. rook..

It weighed a lot and was a pain to bring all the way from Spain..
Oh wow, that must have been one of its kind Bikki!! 
And yes teach the little one.. next time I see him we will have a game or two..
Sure, the little one was very impressed about your ‘profession’ btw.

I LOVE Othello and connect. Also, chess. I have all these games and my kid too looks forward to playing them and I can tell u, that at 8, she can play a mean game. She strategises pretty well too.
Yay, like-like-same-same 🙂 I love Connect 4 too.

Wow. That’s nice. I am sure your sonny boy is excited. I too do not know to play chess. I wish I had learnt it when I was young. But I learn it now too isn’t it? I would love scrabble like this 🙂
Never too late Metherebel 🙂 I actually found scrabble boring when I was young, so much better playing the FB version 😉 with friends

oh that pic did remind of the HP chess game..that was pretty scary na…at least I did get scared when I read the book 🙂
 Oh I definitely got scared reading the book. Infact I couldn’t go beyond the first few chapters. Way too dark for me!!
Chess has always been a complex game as per me…I associate it with the brainy people 🙂
Sigh! No wonder I didn’t learn it all these years. Trying now, but definitely takes a toll on the limited resources above!

This looks like a good revival for the fast-disappearing classic game. lol @ ‘smashing insects on an ipad’…which is what is happening at my home. 🙂
LOL! Welcome abroad, SK 🙂 Smashing insects and surfing dodgy subways 🙂

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