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Orange – Thursday Challenge

Ok, I didn’t write this post just-for-the-sake-of-blogging Ok?**

I go around clicking pictures with my phone all the time, sometimes even at the risk of us reaching school just a little after 9! Imagine my delight yesterday, while on our way, my little brat asked me to stop, and take a picture of this ‘solitary orange-leafed plant/tree’. Co-incidentally, this week’s Thursday Challenge is ‘Orange’. So here it is!!

The orange-leafed-plant/tree


** Who’re we kidding?!!! 😉 🙄 😉

20 replies on “Orange – Thursday Challenge”

Finally, after numerous refreshes, I can see it 🙂 Very pretty… I love flowering trees… these are orange leaves? What’s this tree called?
Hee hee!! Thank you IHM. I don’t know what it is called. Its more like a little flowering plant/tiny tree! I’ll try asking someone tomorrow.

Its so much fun clicking on the phone :)) love the orange leaves!!
Definitely Aaroo, I love clicking pics whenever I like!! And clicking on the phone makes it so candid too 😉

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