Wordless Wed


So this blog has been SO neglected that we don’t get even spam comments any more 😦 In case anybody’s still reading, then I’m sorry for having gone away for so long. But I’m back now! With the perfect excuse of a post. Wordless Wednesday (No offence, WW). Only this is quite a wordy Wednesday.

Anyway. Here’s a picture for you. I had two people in mind when I clicked this, 1 – Crazy Cracking Saks and 2, Aaroo. Don’t ask me why! Just like that.

Neither car nor bike is mine, but this gorgeous shot of fallen autumn leaves is!

And while those of you in India are suffering from an overdose of Ra.One.osis, and while those living outside India are eagerly waiting to show their ‘patriotism’ by buying first-day-first-show tickets to the same movie, let me quickly take the chance to wish our very own Rag.One a very happy birthday! Happy day Brat-of-Blogworld!!! May the Gods bless you with a Kareena Kapoor this year 😉

Adios people!!