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F-Un-Scrambler Golden Trophy


OK folks, here is the much-awaited Golden Trophy award!! 

Most of you (er, all of you) had figured out the jumbled words and sentence perfectly in my earlier post called ‘Unscramble This’, and that too, within 3 seconds flat… (much to my disappointment 😦 ) As Uma mentioned, you are a rather smart bunch of people 😛 which I whole-heartedly second! 

So here is your very very beautiful golden ‘The F-Un-Scrambler Trophy’. 


But .. but .. but, going by the popular saying ‘There is no free lunch’, the Trophy too comes with a small catch 😉 


In order of commenting:
Winner 1 – Prats

Winner 2 – Uma 

Winner 3 – Shilpa 

Winner 3rd from last – IHM 

Winner 2nd from last – Shail 

Winner 1st from last 😉 – Masood 

(Also, my dearest Deeps did drop by, and technically 3rd from last, but very unfortunately, she did not mention if she had managed to unscramble this or not! But she did mention something on Facebook. So what do you guys think? Should we give her the trophy too? Reply YES or NO and not MAYBE 😉 ) 

Now, your CHALLENGE is: Proud recipients of the F-Un-Scrambler Golden rolling Trophy are HEREBY TAGGED to put up a similar post with scrambled/jumbled words!! No rules/conditions apply. It just has to be jumbled words or jumbled letters or both, the way you like it!!

Do remember to link back to this original post though, so we maintain continuity. AND please also come back to let me know when you’ve posted your challenge (that way I will get a chance to participate too 🙂 😉 )

And yes, do pass on this beautiful rolling trophy to your winners too 🙂 




Ok folks, we have a controversy now.. and I’ve been (un)justly accused of ‘favouritism’. So to clear my name of this infamous slander… I have to hereby award the gorgeous F-Un-Scrambler Golden Rolling Trophy to the foll. three people who commented on my post on Facebook!! Psst: Since there were only these three, they win both in the ‘First’ and ‘First from Last’ categories 🙂




Phew… who knew all this would happen…. 😛

48 replies on “F-Un-Scrambler Golden Trophy”

Am so happy to receive this trophy from my dear frnd Pal !!! Hugs to you !!! 🙂

More fodder for posts…will surely put it up….I am actually jumping with joy !!! The first trophy for guessing correct, here in blogoworld !!! WOW !!! I need a drink !!! 😉

Ayyo idenna Pal .. no first and no last and u dont win 😦 😦

Me bad .. I put two comments abt my position and then went arnd dng something else and got bk to read 😦 Learnt my lesson nw 😛 😛

Heh heh I can understand how you feel Kanagu 😉 😉
:mrgreen: 😈 🙄 😆 😆
If I had been in the kind of tearing hurry you are in always be amongst the first few commenters heh heh then I too would have been crying scandal :mrgreen: 😈 🙄

How mean of you, Pals, to put your reader in they have to decide if its ok to give me an award!! Paavam/bechare!!
Its ok,people….go ahead say ‘YES’..I’ll not bite you 😈


Will be back to read the in a bit of rush, Pals

Well, technically, Deeps did comment almost immediately on FB (Gosh, so did Uma (she won anyway), Swaram and Urmi). Oh oh, I need to edit my Winners List now!!

Booohooo..that is so not correct.. You don’t post anywhere close to my middle it is for me..

Now I need to wait for Swaram’s. I am sure she will somewhere..and I am almost always last on her blog.. My only hope to win such a buuutiiffull trophy.

LR: Thx to WWW!

Deeps: LOL! Actually you are such a sweetheart I am just going to award the trophy to you in any case!! Take it 🙂

Shilpa: Gosh, your challenge is INDEED a challenge!! Just tried it but Gosh!! Let me come back to try again 🙂

Nam: Awww.. don’t worry, we will fix some side deal another time 😉 Yevrithing Yis Passibal 😉

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