Unscramble this

Your challenge:

Unscramble the letters to make logical words AND then un-jumble the words to make a sensible sentence 🙂



eth   msae   jtsu   uyo   kolo !


(I was typing this recently and realised it was a huge typo 🙂 but might make an interesting non-post 😉 )

Cheers guys and girls!!


(P.S: As soon as I hit ‘publish’, three people managed to unscramble this in 3 seconds flat.. so after that I enabled comment moderation AND shuffled the words about too, to make it a little difficult. Let’s see who can take up the challenge now!!!)

45 replies on “Unscramble this”

OK Comment Moderation has been turned on now!! The first three people all managed to unscramble this in 3 seconds flat… boo hooo 😦

@ Swaram – You aren’t first my friend 😉 There is a huge list of people who have got there before.. 😛

I still took less than 3 seconds….

“you look just the same”

I mean I did ‘see you’ a couple of days back, so yeah, not much difference! 😉 😀

You have ALL got it right!!
@ Masood: I hit ‘publish’ and within the next 3 seconds I had 3 correct answers… brrrrrrrrrr… I have to make it difficult next time 🙂
@ Shail: LOLLLLL!!!

Nice contest you have started.. just commented at the one @Uma’s place..

Thank u so much, Piyu!! Hope u win Uma’s riddle so you get this awesome trophy too 😉

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