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Two minutes more…

When I was younger…I mean, way when I was a child, my Mum used to wake me up every morning for school. And my standard response would be ‘Five minutes more’. After the allotted Five Minutes, I would plead for ‘Just Two minutes more..’. Sometimes she used to oblige, but considering the fact that there were two of us lazy girls around to pack to school, you could say, she was not very happy about it!

Fast-forward two and a half decades, to this weekend.

He: Wayke up, its morning!

Me: Mmmmm…(rolling under the duvet to hide)

He: Look! Its morning! Wakey..wakey!

Me: Oh please…I’m sleepy.

He: Tries pulling my duvet off, and nuzzling his nose into my ear.

Me: Hey! Hmm… 🙂 (enjoying the warmth!)…let’s sleep a little longer, please!

He: No way! Time to go!

Me: (Half the sleep has vanished by now 🙄 wondering where we HAVE to GO on a cold Sunday morning): Where the hell do we have to go?

He: Its time to play! Look, there’s the clay and building blocks!

Me: Awww…Ok fine… (He flashes a huge grin 🙂 )… Just Two Minutes More…. 😯

He: Sigh! (Thinks: Such a lazy Amma I have! 😦  )

36 replies on “Two minutes more…”

A responsible kid!!!Seen him as a kid less than a year (been a fan of yr son in his orkut profile 2 yrs back) to know about yr blog …and being following u regularly ever since….real cool blog u have..btw im yr junior in school…

wish u , yr family specially rishi…..a happy and a prosperous new year!

* Shuba: Wow, that is such a sweet thing to say, thank you so much! Didn’t know you blogged too. Will hop over right away.

* LR: Thank you. Waiting to watch Wake Up Sid, btw!

Pummy: Thank you 🙂

Urmi: You got it, buddy!!

Yuva: Tried all the tricks possible, but he insists on maintaining good habits and waking up early!!

Vimmu: Now, that’s asking for trouble..a whole lot of it!

* Pix: Lazy Mamma can certainly do with some hugs!! Thank you 🙂

* KPJ (That’s shorter, isn’t it ? 🙂 ) : Thank you so much for visiting, reading and commenting!!

* Swar: …and I thought you knew me better…pah!! 🙄

Pal,Get out of bed,and stop the lazing
Play with him as much when he’s so willing
the way Rishi grows up will be truly amazing
before long the good old days will be our musing.

Before long these kids grow and then they refuse to be seen with their parents.:)

Me: Hmm…now that’s some food for thought!

Wish you,Rishi and the hunk,a very happy New Year.And to Subs too(oops).

LOL 🙂 So you were woken up again after your two minutes of sleep?

A very Happy New Year to you and your family 🙂

Even those two minutes were tension filled, IHM. Didn’t know when he would whack me!!
Happy New year to you and your family too 🙂

Lol… !

I always used to think that when I will have my own child he will wake me up and not allow me to sleep !!!! Alas… I got a kumbhkarna… whom I keep trying to wake up but he doesnt even move an inch…. never mind asking for 5 or 2 more minutes !!!! 😛 😛

Me: ROFL @ ‘Kumbhkarna’ Poor lil Hriday!

Hey, great story…I loved it,
and btw u know they say what u give will come back to ya…one day ur son is gonna say the same thing to ya….
I am sure there will be Give two minutes more part 2 that day on ur blog,wat say?…

Thank you, Shahid! Ha ha, if he does that I will certainly make a post out of it. But knowing him, highly unlikely. He is as hyper as I am lazy!

A very Happy New Year to you and your family. Its the weirdest thing…all we wanted to do as kids was to stay in bed on holidays but our own kids have no such proclivities 😦 Sigh!

Seriously, R! We ought to teach these little fellows a thing or two!

Pal, hugs to your little one – waking you up, on mornings to do work (ahem, play) !!!! 🙂

Actually, the same 5 mins syndrome, has passed on from S to my elder daughter !!!!! What all the genes trasmit ??!!!!

Hey !!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU !!!! 🙂

Thank you thank you 🙂 LOL at the genes being passed down to the next gen!

*sakshi rubs hands in glee* at last…at last I found a mom who is just like me 😛 It’s the same story in my house everyday. The husband and son gets up early and tries everything *read even pulling my legs and hanging me upside down* to wake me up :mrgreen: and I beg for that extra two more minutes of zzzzz….

Hey nice to find your blog and how old is your son??

hey girl
Coming here after long!! cool new look and wish u a very happpy new yr!!

hahaha@ sleep 5more mins.. my sis does that, even today, mom has to shake her up n wake her to get to college… 😀

see ya sooooooooooooon

@ Sakshi: Yay, me happy happy too!! My brat is 3 going on 13 😉

@ Gils: Crocodile story follows later on, Gils. Phew…that someone remembers Lacto CAlamine! I was infact thinking of looking for a bottle just today!

@ Smitha: He he, indeed!!

@ Uma: Yes I did, just for a change for the new year. But I don’t quite like this theme, and will be changing it soon! Methinks WP should come out with more themes for the new year!

@ Aaroo: 🙂 Talk to you real soon!

😀 😀 hehe! smart kid I say and smarter mum 😀

the two minute more syndrome runs in my family too 😀

(((Hugs))have a blessed year and a lovely bloggers meet 🙂

LOL! Pallu, this is EXACTLY what happens here 🙂 Poohi is up at first light and trying to wake me up – somehow !
Awww….we seem to be a generation of a kind!!! Our kids are more active than we ever were 🙄

I almost always used to say 5 minutes more when my father would come to wake me up. NOw I say it to the mobile alarm. And of course to my kids ; especially my daughter .

Like yesterday they both trooped together and asked me ” Why havent you done our nails yet ? It has been two -three days since u started telling ” ufff ! It is tough to find reasonable excuses and to project that Momy dear is not lazy and forgetful. !!!


LOL!!! Glad to have company 😉 Both kids ganging up against you? Wow, fun 🙂 🙂

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