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A new year and a lot of questions!

I am probably the LAST one in Blogosphere, to write a post, wishing you ladies and gentalmen a ‘Very Happy New Year’. Still,  couldn’t begin a new post without greeting you first!

And, as you know, we are in good ol’ Chennai, enjoying ‘Ma ka haath ka khana’ and dumping the Brat with the Grandparents while I go gallivanting 😉

Plus, there’s a Chennai Blogger’s Meet coming up on 16th, so a lot of excitement over that!

Coming to the questions…I’ve been watching ‘Raaz pichle janam ka...’ on NDVT Imagine, and it has stirred a lot of thought processes!

WHY are we WHAT we are?

WHY should we carry over attributes from one birth into the next?

WHY cannot we start afresh every time?

Is it Destiny that decides? WHAT role do we play then?

And finally, which is the JOURNEY and which, the DESTINATION?

So you see, a lot of questions. Unanswered. Unfathomable. Ever!

But, on a lighter note, every time I am on the roads of Chennai, I cannot help but observe the huge number of PINK SHIRTS that men wear! The most common colours seem to be Parrot Green, Blue and various shades of red and pink. Most interesting was this shirt I noticed today… Blood red with shades of Orange!! He he he. Couldn’t help but think of IHM’s post.

Cheerio then.. hope I come back with a more coherent post next time 🙂

31 replies on “A new year and a lot of questions!”

😯 😯 what questions!

err errmmm ..I def dont have the answers 😀
and why are you watching that show? 😛 😛
He he, don’t you like the show? I thought the Ishmeet episode was a little unbelievable, but the rest of them were quite good!

any special reason why they wear such colors??? I haven’t seen or noticed that
Oh really? You must try to pick out those dazzling shades of red and pink…what a sight! 😀

Hey Pals…

Brilliant questions…and thats lingering in my mind…..and im so preoccupied with those thoughts and I see the questions here..what a rosary synch ;-).Im doing some experiments and research with destiny..will post about it in dejavu….
Will be waiting to read it, Shuba. But why are you so preoccupied at this yeng age? 🙄
Mean while few Chennai men are highly influenced by Ramarajan and Balakrishna…spare them pls 🙂
ROFL 🙂 Def. inspired by Ramarajan!!

Hmm your post has evoked a tsunami of questions inside my non-functional brain

1. Will I be the last blogger to come up with a “wishing you a happy new year” post before it’s Dec 2010?? 😀 😦 😥
🙂 LOL…Dec.2010?? You might as well wait for Jan. 2011!!!!

2. Why in the heavens you are watching such a show on vacation in India? :mrgreen: I say chuck the show and stuff yourself with the green mangoes and kakri’s they dish out in front of Nalli’s and Kumarans *slurp* Now that free advice has made me hungry and all angry 😡
Btw, I have done only a measly round of shopping so far 😦 , I gotta live up to my repu by shopping more next week! Thanks for the free advice..most precious 😉

Oh god !!! you have been to chennai too ???? Im sure it must have been on Dec 26th 2004 !!! thats when we had the tsunami attack here !!
I wish I had known you then Sakshi…would have been fun to meet!! Vimmu bhai: stop being mean to her!!

Ohh I would have met you too Pal…that too outside Vimmu’s balcony and not let him know. Later we could publish a joint post about it 😛

@ vims I was in chennai many times ok!!! the only year I was not there was in 2004 😈

You go on a vacation and all the things in the world you find that show to watch?
Seems like popular opinion goes AGAINST the show and not in favour of it 🙂 🙄

See, this is why I dont watch TV. Im already a confused soul, you see !!! 😀

Wish you the happiest year ahead and looking forward to meeting you on 16th ! 😀

Bet L watches TV, if not, I will send her info on all the useless serials 😉 Am very excited abt the meet too!! (And the shopping that will follow 😉 )

Goodness, Pallu! Deeeeep questions 🙂

Happy New year to you too! You seem to having a great time in Chennai – and seems like the perfect time to be there too 🙂

‘dumping the Brat with the Grandparents while I go gallivanting’ – that is what I LOVE about being back home 🙂
Oh totally!!!
Have fun and watch all those men in colourful clothes 🙂 We have a way with colours back home, don’t we 🙂
We certainly do!! 😀

>> ‘Ma ka haath ka khana’ and dumping the Brat with the Grandparents<<
toooo muchh timeee…that's reason for such questions..
get back to reality. 🙂 not realityTV

You know I am not sure if we do carry attributes from one janam to another. I feel such religious stories are created to make us kind and good. I don’t think this works. Those of us who are kind and good remain good anyway – even if we don’t believe in heaven, hell, lok-parlok etc.

And finally, I see some answers 🙂 I don’t know what to believe. Earlier, I would have thought that while attributes are INBORN, they would still sort of ‘start from scratch’ in this birth. But after watching this show, I think it seems like there is a link between our past , to what we are today. I don’t believe in Hell either.

And then there are those who kill and molest without fear of repercussions because they feel they can go for a pilgrimage for prayashchit (remorse) or else they don’t believe these heaven, hell, rebirth exist.
Now that is disgusting, isn’t it? I know of people too, who spend the entire week in doing crappy things, with the ASSURANCE that the Sunday confession would give them deliverance!

The poor, the so called lower castes and the unfortunate found reassurance in believing that their next life would be better – it stopped them from rebelling or committing suicide. I feel those in power, the upper castes, zamindars, jagirdars never feared retribution in their next lives – they did as they pleased, and they played a part in making these rules to ensure easy subjugation of those they wanted to control.
Quite possible, IHM! Didn’t think of it from that angle.

Many people who hurt others are not completely sane. Some cause pain because they have to choose between their own and others…
True..again, on a case to case basis!

I feel there are too many shades of gray in between the black of pure evil and white of pure goodness.
Completely agree with you on that!

For example I can never make up my mind if abortion (i.e. killing a foetus) for a rape victim can be considered a sin.
I see where you are coming from! IMHO, not sin at all, because why give birth to someone who will constantly remind you of a trauma? That puts both lives (of mother and child) into risk!

Or then Yudhishthir cheated his own Guru (“Ashwasthama elephant is dead…”, lost Draupadi in gambling and failed to protect her from humiliation) and yet is said to have gone to heaven.
Hmmm…never quite liked Yudhishtir and to some extent even Lord Rama. If mythology is an indication of ‘those times’, then I don’t think I have much respect for men who let down their women )or the other way round)!

Though I really wish I could believe such a fair and perfect justice system, created by a fair and perfect God did exist 😦
Things that continue to haunt me are questions like, why must my friend (who was just 30) die, while there are hordes of merciless terrorists thriving out there? What sort of accounting system does God have?

LOL …the colours Indians wear are brilliant 🙂 I feel our basic preference is for bright, vibrant colours… for men, women and children, all. And why not? We don’t have to follow any pink and blue rules that are most probably sales gimmicks anyway.
He he, I quite like shades of red and pink too, and I think this whole shading business originated in the West, as they don’t quite have vibrant colours like we do!!


What questions!! and I have no answers to any of them right now.
Actually I’m hungry. 😀
The questions made you hungry, or IHM’s comment did the trick 😉 😉 ?
I need to read IHM’s comment as well! 😉
mail me a number I can talk to u on… 😀
Will do right away!

The joys of dumping the kiddies on their grandparents…er, I mean the joy of facilitating emotional interaction between children and their grandparents ;).
He he he, loved that definition, Dreamer! 🙂
The whole rebirth thing has me quite puzzled too. Personally I would prefer to believe that this is the only life we are going to have and that we don’t get second chances. But then again, if the concept of rebirth gives someone some sort of peace of mind then I am fine with that too.
It is confusing, isn’t it? I somehow tend to believe IN rebirth, rather than otherwise. Simply because, souls have to go somewhere, right? So they have to find a way to return!! Grr…. gooseflesh 😯 🙄 !!

Have a great and ‘colourful’ holiday and do try to get some pictures so all of us can yenjoy too 😀

Interesting.. TV watching is very minimal and that too Indian shows barely…! so, not seen any of these reality shows …
‘…Indian shows…’ – ithu konjam too much aa theriyala? 😉
Looking fwd to meeting u lady!! suspense is killing… hehe
Me too…waiting waiting!!!

Do I say chalo der aaye durust aaye for the New Year Wishes ;)….
Questions I am not very good at answers no matter what it is … so I leave it on the ‘experts’ 😀 …
Enjoying in Chennai great! heard the weather’s nice there so you should have a great time shopping …
Thanku….This weekend is reserved for shopping expeditions, Dman! 🙂

Chennai sure seems a colour ful city !!!!! 😛

and btw what a show… I didnt even know something like that existed !!!
Chk out NDTV Imagine, Hitchy! And yes, Chennai is definitely colourful and vibrant!

A very very happy new yr Pal 🙂
Most of the blogs I am reading today seem to hv shot qs @ the readers … inc. mine he he 😛
Ejjactaly…seems to be the easy way out 😀

The only qs I hv abt this show is y is that everyone there hs died such a death? – all this maar-peet, drowning, air crash 😉
Some of it seems too contrived, Swar. Like the one on Ishmeet, and the other TV-serial-actress episode…seemed artificial and imaginary.

But if you think of it, nobody wants to see the pichle janam stories of an ordinary man 😉 We all want the masaledaar stuff 😉

Btw, hu is brat – the sweeeet lil boy kya 😛 😛
He’s like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde… angel when I am not around, and exactly the opposite when I am!! 😯
Hv fun Pal 🙂

Yeah, I saw the Ad to that pgm. Hypnotising someone on national TV – something like that ?????

I dont understand how ppl allow them to do it on them – hypnotising !!!! And I dont want to watch it !!!
You too, don’t like it, Uma? Awww…and I was hoping to get some company 🙄

Chennai is crazy, Pal !!! I am shocked coming here, after 8 long years. Drastic changes !!!!!
Drastic changes, indeed. I think its the crowds and the fast pace of life, as compared to the relatively simple and unadulterated lifestyles we used to have earlier, isn’t it, Uma?

I don’t like people making fun of Chennai. Chennai is a …..err gayful city. Should explain the shades of pink.

Me: 🙂 Me loves Chennai too, PRG. But we must look at our city from all angles, right?

The last time you were in Chennai i remeber having commented thus
There are things that make you frown
and others that make you feel let down
but this place also wears a crown
of being Pallavi’s home-town.

Indeeeeeed!! Thank you once again!
Welcome to Chennai.

You are not the last one in the Blogosphere wishing your FBs ‘Very Happy New Year’. Yours truly too wrote her first post of 2010 on 7th Jan’10 and wished everyone a ‘Very Happy New Year’. So, you have company 🙂

And those were some interesting and intriguing questions… even I am fascinated by the mysterious ways of the soul. Will write a post on them soon… from the vedic perspective, that is.

Till then enjoy the view… of people wearing ‘Govinda colour’ shirts 😉

why why why???? why this questions which can’t be answered are coming up??????????

first stop viewing that program… LOL 😆

enjoy the holidays.. don’t think much.. ok???? 😀 😀

@Rosh: Am I glad! 😀 Waiting to see your post. Pretty please!

@Kanagu: I hereby solemnly affirm, that due to public demand, I have partially given up watching the programme!! 😉

@ Mon: Awww….been meaning to call you EVERY day. OK today it is then!!

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