The wardrobe -55-er

He bought her stunning clothes from every country he visited. She put them away, disinterested. She felt fat, ugly and undeserving.

When he left, forever, she paled into a shadow of her former self.

She found them while emptying her wardrobe. They fit like a glove.

She laughed. She cried. And gave them all away.


17 thoughts on “The wardrobe -55-er

  1. Why did she give them away?

    Clothes, food, gifts (some, not all) shouldn’t be thrown away or neglected just becuase a relationship ends! 😀

    my 2 cents…

    BUT, lovely 55 word story…
    Maybe, I should try this once?

  2. Ganga- Thanks. The truth, however, is that I find 55-ers are the lazy way out 🙂
    Piper- Thats so sweet of you to say so, but I wish you wouldn’t delete your 55-ers. We learn only by writing more and more. So please re-post yours.

  3. Fantastic, as always, my dear pallo 🙂 didn’t the story have a tragic note to it. I thought, when you wrote that he left forever; he died? ok maybe that was my own interpretation.

  4. Hey Urmi,
    I’m so glad you called me ‘Pallo’..that’s the name best friends use! And yes, I did mean the guy died. Which is why she felt it was all so futile.

  5. Made me sad… I never had the nerve to throw anything that I’d treasure along with people…. Something That i can’t even imagine.. I take pain to archive everything, right from the letters, notes, chocolate covers, the bills, when we had went out n spent, tickets….

    Kind of girly! right… that’s what people tell … I don’t care.. its me basically…

  6. Rekz- Aw…this was indeed a sad post..sorry!
    Shail- Thank you! A compliment from you is something that has just made my day 🙂
    Barath- You come across as a soft-hearted soul. Nothing ‘girly’ about that! I used to do the same (Hey, just to clarify, I am a girl..was, rather!) was only last year that I threw a whole bag of cards/letters/etc. You’ll realise some day, that ‘Memories replace souvenirs’.

  7. Thanks, Yash. Mebbe its time you wore it all.. or gave it to a neighbour who would try her best to squeeze into them :-)))

  8. Thanks a ton, Ipshita. That’s so sweet. I wonder if Yashada has read my response to her, but I will make sure she does :-))

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