55-er Humour Short story

The writing on the wall (55-er)

‘Darling, don’t be furious. He’s just a toddler.’

‘He’s scribbled on newly painted walls?!!!’

‘You’re turning exactly into your military dad! Why won’t you encourage the budding artist?’

‘When our landlord realises…’

‘No, he won’t, because we’ll erase it by then..’

‘Oh yeah?’

‘Yeah! You should, infact, be proud!’

‘Right! Those are permanent non-erasable markers!’

24 replies on “The writing on the wall (55-er)”

I don’t know why kids have a strange fascination for everything that’s messy/wrong/absolutely crazy!!

Ganga- Grandparents! Oof! All double standards.. my mum was such a disciplinarian with us, but with my child, she’s most lenient. I don’t recognize her these days! And thanks for appreciating the blog’s theme. courtesy: WordPress 🙂

Pix- Thanks…poor parents, no?

Solilo- We’ve invested quite a sum in washable markers! But the fascination for the ‘real’ markers prevails! And no, I’m not a defence kid. Call me defensive, if you like 😉

P.S: All, this was only a piece of fiction. Thankfully!

You all should read Silverine’s blog on her wall painting skills and she used to do them with crayons!
Nice one Pallavi. You are quite an expert in these short tales!


I accept the “god bless” that you wrote on my blog as a heartfelt wish from a good friend- not being a believer has nothing to do with appreciating the feeling behind what friends feel. Thank you. And I published it!

We should let children do what they want. After all this is the only period in their life they can do so. Children are more amenable to reason than adults,and if we can explain why somethings can’t be done they understand.

Ally- wicked (;0) of you to have published that. Interestingly, the little that I do know you, I just thought you wouldn’t censor that comment :-))

PRG- Spoken like a true grandparent ;-)) Are you one, btw? ‘Cos parents are always short-tempered while grandparents are amazingly cool.

Arch- Why am I not surprised (empathetic, ofcourse)! I can only say, Boys will be boys!

PRG- LOL! Sure!

Are all toddlers out to create havoc, MM? I don’t remember ever being this naughty 😦

Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language 😉
See you!
Your, Raiul Baztepo

We were in a rented house in Bangalore and my daughter was just about 2 years old.She started painting(on the walls) right from the age of 1 year something and she was quite a prolific artist.We got used to the crazy shapes and lines all over the place and sometimes for the sake of peace we just let her do her thing.
After a year or so we bought our own place so the landlord came to check the ‘condition’ of the apartment.I WILL NEVER FORGET THE LOOK ON HIS FACE!!!
For a while I thought he has had an ‘art attack’ ,his mouth was wide open,his eyes were popping out and as he walked alarmingly though the rooms he just could not believe what he saw.He was followed closely by our little one who thought Uncle is ‘loving’ all her creativity.
And Finally he managed to blurt ” What is this.I mean, What is this? pointing out to the greatest work produced by mankind.It is funny but at that point in time we realized that something wrong has happened.He could not fight with the Baby so he started scolding us like we were two school children and we just stood there hanging our heads in shame for a lousy piece of parenting.We did not know if we wanted to cry more or laugh more … was such a typical situation.
We were finally let off with a fine and a promise that we will get the whole place painted and redone just as new.
Sometimes I narrate the story to my daughter who is 8 years now and all of us have good laugh.
Life is beautiful especially the paintings on the wall.

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