Humour Incidents

Chakka China

Rishi baby: ‘Chakka la la.. Chakka China’

Me: ‘Huh? What the hell is that?’

Rishi: ‘Want to see Chakka China’

Me: ‘What are you blabbering?’

Rishi (continues ogling at Deepika Padukone): ‘Where’s she gone? I want to see Chakka China!’

Me: Finally realise he’s getting at Chandni Chowk to China! Duh! Can’t understand sonny boy’s feelings.

55-er Humour Incidents Short story

Secret of the lap-top (Something interesting I saw on a bus-ride, and an attempted 55-er)

She was smoking. Smoking hot.

He looked away, tightly clutching the paper files on his lap. Some very important, secret documents, perhaps!

She crossed her sexy (mini-skirted)-legs.

He arose, evidently hurrying to get off at the next stop. And smoothed the crinkles on his trousers …  accidentally unguarding the secret the papers were trying to hide 😉