Comments Policy

Thank you for your comments!

I am thrilled about every little comment that you leave. Comments are moderated the first time only. My friends have always left pleasant, encouraging comments. Never seen a harsh word from anyone here. I cherish criticism, provided its in decent language 🙂

By some random act of WordPress, comments sometimes find their way into the Spam queue. Apologies to my genuine readers (or should we say, comment-ators?!)

And yes, I do strongly object to spammers simply copying my posts and pasting them elsewhere and leaving an anonymous link to my blog. Please refrain from doing that.

13 replies on “Comments Policy”

Hi there,

I absolutely dig your blog and your style of writing. Its funny how i stumbled on it. You had me hooked.You have great talent girl. Keep it going.
– Wellwisher 🙂

Nope im not a spammer at all I assure you. YOu know me quite well !! Keep writing. I checked today and you havent had posts in a while. Guess baby is keeping u a busy mommy.

hey, came over here from the link you posted on my blog. Good luck! I will read your blog ‘krishana’ pretty soon. ‘Krishna’ has been my passion since childhood.

I have been gone for awhile but back now, can u give me krihsna link again?

Didn’t quite understand that?!!

Been trying to see how I can send you a private message/comment in answer to a question you had asked in my blog (“You’re in Chennai? Wow, where where?”) – can’t seem to find any. Is there an email id or a private comment box somewhere that I can write to ?

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