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What a wonderful life – Aruna Shanbaug

[Thank you, DNA India, for mentioning this blog post at this page here] and thank you, Mon, for pointing it out, else I wouldn’t have known!


Every time I read this:

‘He (Sohanlal Bhartha Walmiki) choked her with a dog chain and sodomized her. The asphyxiation cut off oxygen supply to her brain resulting in brain stem contusion injury and cervical cord injury apart from leaving her cortically blind

..I feel nauseous.

Rape is an indescribable violation of both BODY AND SPIRIT. Being so brutally attacked, and left to die, is living hell.

PLEASE, DO READ THIS VERY STRONG POST. The tears won’t stop. The poor woman was menstruating, so Brute-Rapist-Sohanlal committed anal rape, and left her bleeding to death.

PS: Our esteemed rapist’s name is hardly mentioned by media. So I am taking the liberty of calling him ‘Brute-Rapist-Sohanlal’. Earlier, I had typed ‘Rapist Sohanlal’ but that sounds quite filmy, almost entertainingly trivial even!

A lot has been said about the ‘Brute-Rapist-Sohanlal’ case.

Now why did I choose this title ‘What a wonderful life’ for this post.

This is why:-

(1) Our WONDERFUL Indian culture sweeps ‘rape’ under the carpet. You can steal, punch or even murder someone. But RAPE? Oh no! Now Rape is taboo. We can DO it all the time, but we just DO NOT TALK about it! Praise be to Indian culture!

‘Once Dr. Deshpande decided to conceal the fact of anal rape out of his twisted sense of preventing ‘social rejection’ for the victim and her fiance, there was no going back (Link: Ria’s blog)

The most bizarre part of the story is, however, the accused getting away with a seven-year sentence for robbing and attacking her. Why? Because no one was ready to be the complainant for the sexual assault. Her hymen was intact, so her rape was “unnatural”, which is severely punishable by the law.

But the hospital — already beleaguered following the attack — didn’t want to report an “unnatural offense”, which could lead to further unrest. (Link:

This is exactly why women do not often lodge a complaint about rape. If the rapist has raped her ONCE, our precious MEDIA involuntarily RAPES HER IMAGE MULTI-FOLD. She is left with ‘no face’ to show to society. She and her family are either pitied or scorned. Either way, they become a disgrace.. a black mark!

Indeed, media does help to fuel ANGER against the ‘incident’. But at what cost? The victim is left with no privacy and no respect, while the rapist remains anonymous!


Every article that the Internet throws up talks about ‘Aruna being attacked by a subordinate‘. The rapist is a nameless entity. A man, without an identity, name or description. There are no pictures of Brute-Rapist-Sohanlal. There are only those of the victim.

Why are we, as a society protecting our rapists? Why don’t we expose them??!!!

There is only one way forward – Every time media flashes ‘Breaking News’ about a rape, they should bombard us with pictures and history of the RAPIST, not of the poor victim. Instead of interviewing the tear-stricken face of the victim and her shame-faced family, they should focus completely on the inhuman rapist and his family/friends!!


This, should not be ‘Aruna Shanbaug Case’. It should be ‘Sohanlal Brutal Rapist’ case!

(2) Our wonderful society very often seek to explain and justify WHY Sohanlal raped the victim.

Almost every link from the internet has featured this sentence:

The man was motivated by intense resentment at being pulled up for his misdemeanours and being ordered about by her.’

and this:

Walmiki was motivated partly by resentment for being ordered about and castigated by Shanbaug

No offence to any authors/websites please. I am MERELY WONDERING, if our SOCIETY SEEK TO JUSTIFY RAPE?

All the articles try to explain WHY Sohanlal raped the victim. It is almost a Cause and Effect scenario. So somewhere, in the darkest recesses of our mind, we are probably trying to ‘UNDERSTAND WHY HE RAPED’.

That, to me, is dangerous. There is NO REASON, NO EXCUSE for a man to rape someone!

(3) Our WONDERFUL judicial system convicted the rapist, of what had been legally proved. Robbery, and ATTEMPTED murder.
Take a look at the justice meted out:
‘He was sentenced to seven years imprisonment for stealing, and another seven years for having tried to harm her fatally. Both sentences were to run concurrently. As he had already spent a year behind bars, six years later, he was a free man. He took up a job as a wardboy in a Delhi hospital.’
Honestly, what was that all about? Sohanlal was convicted of minor offences, and was awarded two sentences that ran PARALLELY?!
Today, he lives a free man! While Aruna serves a rigorous life sentence!
Wonderful! I have nothing to add.
(4) And lastly, to all our WONDERFUL self-righteous-humanitarians – Why are we jubilant about keeping the poor woman alive?
What are we celebrating? The spirit of life? The wonderful selfless service of the nurses who are keeping her alive? Or is this a tribute to a ‘survivor of rape’?!!×7/the-right-to-live-or-die/192954
Wait a minute – In all this, WHERE IS ARUNA???
Read this excerpt from The author has written to Pinki Virani (the journalist who brought Aruna’s story to light) and received the foll. response:-
‘she (Aruna) does not need food or clothing. the mashed food she is fed, ironically, is what is keeping her alive. her new clothing tends to get stolen. she can’t control the theft because she can neither see, nor speak, nor move from her hospital bed.
all she can do is scream.

this, she does. because it is her last memory — of being sodomised in her workplace, of being strangulated with a dog-chain while being raped.’

Please watch this quick interview with Pinki Virani:

She asks a simple question – ‘Would YOU be willing to spend even a moment in Aruna’s shoes?’

The Supreme Court has now legalised PASSIVE EUTHANASIA. So someone in Aruna’s place NEED NOT go through the hell she is still living. A patient’s blood-relations can move for passive euthanasia. That is a minor victory, no doubts. But is it enough, atleast for Aruna?

Life! Wonderful Life!!!

You know what would REALLY BE WONDERFUL?

1- Media HUNTS DOWN Sohanlal, shames him enough to last a couple of lifetimes, and then hands him over to the judiciary!

2- The judiciary re-opens the case, and awards him punishment that is fitting, for his crimes! It is never too late, is it?

It would be wonderful to see Sohanlal hanged in public, on the same day that Aruna might die!!!

3- Going forward, we must jointly expose rapists rather than the victims. Let us stop embarassing the poor victims, and make them feel they are still part of our society, and that it is the rapist who does not belong!!!

What do you think?

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most depressing fact is that sohanlal even after completing his jail term returned to attack aruna once again he tried to take out the bed railings so that she would fall down this shows how the 7year term had affected or changed him. the most scary fact is that he is working in another hospital as a ward boy imagine if he does it again to another woman what if he strikes again who will be responsible for that because of the stupid irresponsible hospital staff who decided not to report it as unnatural rape for which he could have got a life term .i heard he even changed his name and there no a single photo of him in the media not a single piece of information about him . how the hell will people around him know that he had such a disgusting past he will never be deemed as a rapists . the hospital did not report it as unnatural rape to prevent further unrest this is so full of bull**** what kind of example were they trying to set that if an unnatural rape happens the girl should remain quite about it and never report the matter to police so that culprit is also saved from having a rape case in his criminal record and he gets away easily so that he is free to do the same to another girl ,he also manages to get a job in another hospital without any problem . wow this says something about the indian judiciary system where rapists roam free and the the victim is crippled to life.
this an injustice to aruna and all the other girls .our honorable supreme court & the so called caring nursing staff should take a note of that.

You know, this might be a charged-up situation that lends to extreme viewpoints, but I must say that you’ve actually provided some reasonable arguments and viewpoints! (apart from hanging our man in public!).
Ha ha, the hanging in public was one of the milder thoughts on my mind, Kartikay. But thank you, so much.
YOU need to be heard more, not a loudspeaker called the media.
Oh thank you, I wish someone would hunt down Sohanlal and hand him over to either the police or the public. Either way, he should be thrashed to death!! Er, did you just mention ‘reasonable argument’ 🙂

The punishment should not have been just seven years for , it should have been more severe, something like the chopping off his ‘awful weapon of crime’ and a lesson for future rapists…disgusting!!! not fair at all for poor Aruna who suffers alone for so many years and the nurses want her to live in this condition for some emotional reasons, not sensitive to what she must be feeling in this vegetative state….
Pushy, even I wonder how and why the nurses want to keep her alive…at their mercy… it is so cruel, really!!

What a hardhitting post!
Pals, I couldn’t agree more with everything you say! Starting from the way the rape case was handled to the latest judgement. It is so inhumane.
‘Inhumane’ is the right word….
Nobody even knows about the rapist. He gets away with 7 years? Just 7 years after doing this to her? He took her life – so what if she is still technically alive – how on earth was his sentence justifiec, is beyond me..
baffles me too Smitha… It is SO shameful!!!!
As for using the rapist/criminal’s name – I totally agree. They need to be named and shamed. And people need to know that if they commit a crime, they will be brought to justice. Unfortunately, our criminal justice system works so well, that most of these crimnals know that they can escape any real punishment. That is, if they are even caught for the crime.. Chances are that if they have ‘connections’, the crime will go ‘unsolved’ for ever!
Sigh! So true!!! Our system runs on power and money. Everything else can go hang!!

A very hard hitting post and most relevant! Hugs for finding the courage to write it…
and yea, you are so right – the culprit should be punished! Why do they stalk the victim?!! Our media only sensationalises the issue!
The victim gets blamed and is black listed everywhere! poor girl!
Exactly, Pix, the victim gets blamed and shamed too!!!!
And yea, the rapists’ name is what needs to be made public and not the poor victim’s!!
Will this ever change?? EVER??!!

do you seriously think her life should be ended by removing the pipe that supplies her food? that too on the basis of a petition filed by a “next” friend? I know when we look at the whole case emotionally, we feel pity, anger and frustration; but for that, can we twist the laws? If law is twisted here, do you know how many people will opt for euthanasia?
I definitely think so, Neha. Why do you think there will be a huge number of people opting for euthanasia? Nobody wants to die. Everybody wants to live. Only the most desperate will want to think of this.
Let’s not be case specific here. rather let’s have a proper law in place for such a case..euthanasia should be administered, but there has to be a specific law and procedure for the same.
Yes, then we need to have well structured laws around this. But not legalising this is even worse!
give you a simple example Pal – no matter how sick one is; maybe suffering from aids, cancer or anything, that person tries his level best to live and survive. only we have the right to choose our life and third person can decide that on our behalf. a cancer and aids patient is too going through so much pain, but still there is a hope to live as much as he clearly says that you can’t take away what you can’t give back!
That is not right, Neha. A person can choose ONLY WHEN HE/SHE IS CAPABLE OF CHOOSING. What about a person who is virtually brain-dead, cannot sit or stand on their own, cannot even speak, cannot eat or drink? Cannot even breathe properly? How do you think he will communicate his desire to live or to die? There are extreme cases and I think our laws need to be robust enough to meet them and take a call on such severe situations.
I know she is living a horrible life, I know she is going through hell at this moment and I even know that her brain cannot think, but taking away her life without her or her family’s consent and that too by removing the feeding pipe – won’t that be a crueler death too?
I infact fully support ACTIVE euthanasia itself. Btw, are you serious??? Euthanasia is more cruel than letting her live like a vegetable?? Please don’t take this personally, but I would LIKE TO ASK YOU THE SAME QUESTION THAT PINKI VIRANI ASKED ON TV – Would you like to spend even one minute in Aruna’s position? Is it kindness for people (NOT FAMILY) to ‘keep you alive’??? Would it not be more kind to allow you to die in dignity?

And what do you mean by FAMILY? The blood relatives are nowhere in the picture. How rigid can the law be? How blind?!!

we sometimes have to think out of the emotional a lawyer, I completely agree and welcome the supreme court judgment..the person who filed the petition does not have any legal stand to file the case at the first place..then how can court issue an order for euthanasia?
This is exactly how ridiculous our law is!! As a lawyer, what do you think of the punishment for Sohanlal? That is technically right? Two 7 year sentences, that too running parallely, so he is fully free to go at the end of the 6th year (since he already spent 1 year in prison). LAW IS TECHNICALLY RIGHT HERE. But does it make any sense?? I am sorry, you may be a lawyer and welcome the court’s decision, but as a HUMAN BEING, what do you think?
PS: I may get a few hate replies and thumbs down for this comment, but these are my views purely! I do not intend to hurt anybody’s sentiments!
No question of hurting anybody’s sentiments, Neha, we are just discussing something serious here, and each person takes a stand , that’s all.

one more point – Pinki Virani is the author of the book based on Aruna’s life..the SC would have first determined her stand – next friend is someone who is not a family or relative, but a closely related person for the petitioner..Pinki didn’t even know Aruna before her this state..second, just think from another perspective..if her petition was not rejected, imagine how many reprints her book would have gone for? she has a personal interest in this case..Aruna’s family has not filed the petition, someone else has..from court’s point of view, the euthanasia must not be granted and that’s what the court did!
Agreed, Aruna’s family has not filed the petition, because they have abandoned her years ago!!
Ah, lawyers have to think beyond emotions you’s difficult, but that’s how it is!
No, I don’t agree with that, Neha. Law is meant to facilitate justice and not block it. To state a rule like that is ridiculous, to say the least!!!! What is the use of such laws, that are just words and no common sense?????

I feel at least there’s someone who’s thinking abt here, coz her family has abandoned her long ago! They have nothing to do with her and they dont want to be involved in any aspect of the case for that matter. Who should decide in this case, especially when Aruna herself cannot speak!
EXACTLY my thoughts Ria. Aruna’s family has abandoned her years ago. The only people who can represent her case are NOT blood relations. So the law has to be sensible and not steadfast!!

Pal, you are too missing the crucial point that the court made – I know she is in a vegetative state, but does she want to die? I know I know you will say that she cannot think, but isn’t it wrong to kill someone even if that person may want to live? so what if the chances are .00001% but there are chances right? in one of the debates that i saw on TV, evertything got stuck there. Right now we may right in our will/wishlist that kill us if we go in such a state; but do we know how do we feel when we are actually in that state?

no matter how much one says or thinks, no matter what you feel about a case, you cannot decide who has the right to live or die except for that person! and if at that time the person is not in a state to think or decide, you can’t be a godfather or a godmother to that person, period!

Neha, this is not ‘killing someone’ but ‘stopping supporting someone’. If the person has .00001% desire to live, how do you think she is going to do it on her own? So for the next 20 years, she will be at somebody’s mercy? What if they don’t want to look after her anymore?

And seriously, if you put yourself in her shoes, would you have even that .00001% desire to live? How frustrating it must be for someone to not be able to move, talk or do anything for that matter?

Do me a favour, please, just for 10 mins, tie yourself up COMPLETELY, and think of the worst moments in your life. And at the end of it, just tell me, were you not WAITING for those 10 mins to end?

Please do it for my sake and let me know please.

You know, somebody has hit the nail on the head. She asked ‘WHY ARE WE AFRAID OF PULLING THE PLUG ON SOMEONE?’

There must be something beyond emotional to this. I wonder if it is religious sentiments, or the fear of being punished by a higher force. Whatever it is, there is certainly some sort of fear about all this.

Pal, exactly my point! even if you put yourself in someone else’s shoes, you CANNOT think like that person! are you getting the difference between what we think and what she might be thinking? this lady reacts to things, emotions, music, food! you cannot say that Aruna’s brain is dead! read my post on this – no post, just pasted the comments there..our conversation..but read two comments on my post by Ugich Konitari and ZB!

Neha, we can start quoting the rule book and what other bloggers say, but my question to you still remains unanswered. WHAT WILL YOU WANT IN HER POSITION? That is all.

PS: I have nothing more to discuss on this. I have said all that I wanted to say. As for your take on Sohanlal’s judgement, that is purely quoting the law, and maybe you are right technically, however to a very ordinary and average layman like me, it sounds ridiculous.

Hi Pal 🙂 Its sooo well written.Had tears in my eyes as I read. I can’t imagine that law can be soo stupid. Accused is freely roaming around and the victim is confined to bed all her life.And what was the punishment brute Sohanlal gets?A mere jail imprisonment.He should be bobbitized. And yes “we should expose rapists rather than the victim”.Its scary how there is no photo of brute maniac Sohanlal.

Kudos Palls for this heart wrenching and well written post. I am speechless, both in disbelief and horror.. I think these violent offenders should be chemically castrated!! The punishment should be so severe that it would deter future offenders. I dont want to sound blood thirsty but as long as these A-holes can get away with these heinous acts, there is no stopping them..
I Loooove what you’ve suggested Meena. Only such extreme punishment will serve as an example and a deterrent to other rapists…
I love the part about focusing on the rapist instead of the victim. His face should be plastered all over and he should not be able to move on with his life!
Oh yeah, and I wish instead of interviewing the victim’s family, the media hounds the rapist’s family and really screws all their lives…

WHY jsut sohanlal.. ARE THE doctors .. the police and all also EQUALLY responsible of this that has happened to the lady…
Definitely, Bikki, I think EVERYONE involved in the case has had a role to play in hushing matters up!!
The thing is OUR SOCIETY IS SICK.. no other way can we describe this .. everyone has there own way of saying things , some are giving reasons why he raped her.. would they give the same reason if it happened in there own family….
😦 You’re right, would they say the same thing when it hits them??
And i am with you on the point why are we talking of the victim and the media is doing the same thing, no one is talking of the culprits I say culprits Because in my eyes SOHANLAL is not the only one ..
THE DOCOTORS , THE HOSPITAL , EACH AND EVERY PERSON WHO KNEW WHAT HAS HAPPENED AND DID NOTHING FOR SO LONG YEARS .. is a culprit and if i was a judge i would have them all under abbetment to rape …
Hmmm….how nice it would be if real justice could be meted out – ever!!
This is outrageous, people have nothing better to do then argue over the issue is she shud be let ot live or somthing done.. EXCUSE ME but who the hell are these people to decide that she is better off staying like this .. A WHOLE LIFETIME has gone by , no one gave a ____ about the poor lady and now especially the SORRY MEDIA is so much wondering
THIS IS WHAT WE ARE as a society.. HARD fact of life..
Sigh!!! A whole lifetime…. how very depressing to even think that a life has been simply wasted……… my heart aches…
and SOrry i dont beleive when you say he shud be hanged WHY .. that is easy death for him, HE AND OTHERS who are responsible should be given more than easy death.. and Sorry PAL I dont agree with jsut SOHANLAL being given the punishment , the others too are equally responsible .. EACH ONE and till the people have this chalta hai attitude and till they DO NOT open there mouth our society will be SICK always …
Hanging may be easy punishment, but keeping such people alive on tax-payer’s money is an even bigger crime. We need to rid the earth of such keeday
She has suffered enough please give her the dignity to die at least in peace, give her this much atleast for all the years of her suffering … Pity state when educated people make such decisions.. I also am very angry at the almighty here for giving such a life to her, why does he/she not rid her of her pain and do something GOD ARE YOU LISTENING …
Seriously, I don’t understand WHY people want to keep her alive!!! She cannot live a life of dignity… why not let her go in peace???????

Such a thought provoking, and hard hitting post Pal!! Thank you Anu!
The biggest honour for her now will be ‘stop filling the media’ about her and catch the culprit! When I saw the video and photo clips of her current state, I could do nothing but cry! That bastard should be castrated and should have a violent death..1000 times than what aruna had! I believe in the words “Dharmathin vazhvudhanai sudhu kavvum, dharman marubadiyum Vellum!!” How I wish the very same thing!!!! Infact not just him, but anybody who rapes must be treated the same way!!! No excuses, and no pardon!!!
But what I don’t understand is the publicity and benefit others are munching on. Mmm…. that is real food for thought, Anu!
Take KEM, do you think they cannot trace their own ex-employee or his whereabouts? Why do the media keep using KEM’s name every second? Why is so much of commotion and media hype when the person is already dead (mentally)? Why is Pinki so eager in this case? There is this underlying free publicity to her book and her image (sorry if I am wrong, but this is what I feel)! If only Aruna was in her right sense now, she would have dangled herself seeing this. This is what media does to a person.
You do have a point, looks like everybody wants a share of the publicity at this poor woman’s cost!!!!!!
And writing about other person’s personal life and publish it as a book is double edged sword. Ofcourse, it brings to limelight the sufferings of Aruna – yes! Survival techniques and encouragement to rape victims – fine! What else? Who is pinki to write about Aruna’s personal life and earn money? Do you think Pinki would have got approval from Aruna if she was in good state of mind? If Aruna was raped once, Pinki has written about it and raped her 1000 more times!! If Pinki has truly written this book on a good cause, all the earnings of this book would go to charity or some sensible cause.
PS: Of course I respect and take a bow to what Pinki has been doing now. But the above points strongly hit me first. May be I am wrong, but this is just my thought!!
No, I don’t think you are wrong, Anu. I’m mulling over what you’ve said….

I am really glad that u wrote this post…thnx for linking my post to it. I wish there were more ppl like u n me around…how i wish the media was more proactive in exposing the man behind all this rather than just talking abt Aruna.
Thank you, Ria. I loved the intensity in your post.
Well,there’s an article of Aruna’s sister in the papers today, where she’s trying to justify why she’s not been in touch with Aruna and the hospital that she’s in. She says her family is in no state to support Aruna or his medical bills, yet she wants her to be left at the mercy of god! She doesnt advocate Euthanasia.
That is so ridiculous. She has NO RIGHT to say anything, after having mercilessly abandoned her own sister!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Why is it that ppl r so scared of this word? Cant we take a que from the other countries which have made it legal!? I really dont know what stops our system from amending the age old 100-150 yrs old law!?
You’re so RIGHT, Ria. Why are we so darn afraid of ‘letting someone die’???? This has got more to do with sentimental and emotional values than anything else! I guess we believe we will be ‘punished’ if we ‘help to KILL’ someone. Whereas actually, this is not ‘killing’ but ‘letting go’!!!
Why and how does a rapist get away with a rape…by paying a few thousands as fine and 7 yrs of imprisonment!? I hate to realise that these r vague questions from me to a wall…coz there’s nobody who can answer them.
😦 😦

I support “2- The judiciary re-opens the case, and awards him punishment that is fitting, for his crimes! It is never too late, is it?
I wish..I really wish…
It would be wonderful to see Sohanlal hanged in public, on the same day that Aruna might die!!!”
He he he 🙂
but then in a country like ours it ain’t gonna happen.
There! You said it!! It ain’t gonna happen any day!

OMG !!! Tears filled my eyes to read abt Aruna’s present condition…..and after all that the Brutal rapist is out free….What a shame that we allowed such a guy to go scott free….
Yes Uma, that is so shameful….

Gut-wrenching post. You make a very valid point of the need to expose the culprit and not penalize the victim. When reading/hearing about such instances, am afraid the cynic in me takes over. Such is our goofed-up law, such is the collective integrity of common people like us.. The law knows that the offender needs rigorous punishment, but will meekly pronounce a sentence that is far from appropriate.. We will continue to wonder what is it that tastes so bitter in the mouth!
That question is so thought-provoking, Vidya. ‘What is it that taste so bitter…’ – I think it is the fact in our country, the Victim (and not the attacker) is punished.

Well… whenever a rapist is caught and has to be produced in the court… his face in invariably covered to conceal/protect his identity. Doesn’t that say it all??
The media is making a hue and cry of an IIMB female employee being harassed by others. ‘Coz she belongs to the dalit community. In this case… the rapist Sohanlal belongs to the said community… and nowhere will the media talk about it.
Oh really? I didn’t know that. Our media is definitely to take a share of the blame for sensationalising issues and coolly neglecting some facts, to suit their purpose!!!
The media and other vested interests will always ‘colour’ events and ‘categorize’ it. And it is the women/victims who bear the brunt and are ostracized for no fault of theirs.
So true!!! So true!!

This is so hard hitting… Rape is such a shameful act and just 7 years for this grave crime is height of injustice…
Yes, Tan, a mere 7 years and then he is free!!!! Shocking, right?

I read “Aruna’s Story” by Pinki Virani when I was 16 or 17 and even after all these years I still shudder when I hear her name.
Oh really? I hadn’t heard of it until early this year, Saks.
I can never forgive our judicial system for letting that man free and who knows how many more victims he had preyed upon?
Oh that is a scary thought, Saks, that he might have preyed on others too 😦
Pal do i even need to say what an awesome post?
Ohhh…thanks Saks…but really I just feel sick from the bottom of my heart!

Pal,thanks for writing this post..Its really hard-hitting and just what was needed. I haven’t clicked on the other links-but when i first saw Aruna’s story on TV,I was shocked..and sickened..and also touched by the care provided by the other nurses.
But,the fact that her attacker is now free to walk around,live his life,while hers stopped that very not done..just not done!
She is lucky to have nurses care for her, but it isn’t practical, is it, Trish? But yes, the fact that the rapist is absolutely FREE is really upsetting!

We are sharing this post on our FB / Twitter accounts… Thanks for such a hard hitting post which was very much required.

TW & M.
Thank you so much, TW & M. I hope it makes people think…..

Bang-on !
Maximum impact in simple and minimum words.. Try to forward this to all newspapers.. If there is even a single journalist who publishes this, this spark can ignite thousand minds and who knows, the case may get re-opened. And other media houses would follow what you have said “Expose the Culprit not the victim”. Its high time media needs to stop selling life-stories!

Thank you so much, Jiten!! That is really kind of you, and thank you for the idea, I will try my best. I wish you had left your blog’s url, so I could have dropped by sometime.

How can the rapist just disappear, I wonder. Some female relative who is ashamed of him could have leaked his address to punish him or may the whole family is like him. He must be having children now. Somehow, the children might know his previous name (I just hope) and start questioning him. There should be some way to punish him, to tarnish him to the rest of his life. He must be having his sweeper friends…
What a brilliant idea, Sandhya. If only!! Sigh!!!! If only someone could give him away to the police, and we could all thrash him to pulp!!!
I had read about Aruna but not in such detail. I don’t think I will sleep tonight, Pallavi. I can understand your anger. I will be the happiest to read when the rapist gets recognised for his true self, preferably by his own children.
Wishful thinking Sandhya 😦 I wish so too….

Kudos Pal !!! The culprit is the one who should be exposed to the media . Not the victim !! How come all those psych brainies out there cannot think of it :0
Yeah, Ash. I get so pi**ed when the channels ALWAYS cover the face of the culprits with black cloth, and expose the tear-streaked face of the victim 😦
is some what out of internet . But posts like this drag you back 🙂 can’t wait for you to be back in full swing . Missed you Pal 🙂
Aaah, I wish there are no more such post, ash, but thank you so much for missing me 🙂

Read the hard hitting article in the link. I don’t know what to say right now. I keep thinking whenever I read , see about Aruna how can a man who committed this crime could walk free in 7 years when Aruna is in this state for 31 years. Is it in any way a justice? It is A SHAME ON HUMANITY. SHAME ON US. AS A MAN, I FEEL DISGUSTED.

Exactly, LR, I wonder too, how the rapist/murderer could go scot free!! 7 measly years is literally going scot free, right?

“LET US SHAME THE CULPRIT, NOT THE VICTIM!!!” Precisely! It is those monsters who should be brought out in the open and shamed for their beastly crimes and not the victims. If only our judiciary system were not such a mess 😦
Yes Deeps, the ‘monsters’ as you rightly call them should really really be shamed enough to last them and their families and friends an entire lifetime!
Applause for this outstanding post, Pal!
Danke Deeps….though in this case I just feel bad…

I had read about it on other blogs but you made it just right..hard hitting..the way it should be. Passionate. Covered various aspects too.
Thank you, A.

I want to read ur post at leisure as it seems interesting! Just wanted to drop a comment!
Thank you Dee, I hope you will find time to come back and read this 🙂

Exactly my thoughts. Just yesterday I was wondering that a Rape victim usually finds it very difficult to deal with what happened and he/she tries to find other distractions to keep his/her mind away from the horrible incident.

However, in her case, she can’t do much except stay alive and keep remembering that incident. Imagine the fact that she’s gone through this torture in her mind since so many years and every second she lives, her helplessness will keep reminding her of the horrible incident.
Very very well said, Rakesh!!! You hit the nail on the head. Poor poor woman!! 😦
Can see the anger in your post Pal. This makes me very angry as well.
Thank you Rakesh!

Brilliantly written, agree with every word. I too have wondered why this man can’t be punished now – he has changed his name after the jail sentence – can you believe how easy it was for him!?!
Exactly IHM, is our system so convoluted the culprit gets away SO easily while the victim is still suffering???!

Read the article Pal.. It is really hard hitting and I feel so bad for Aruna 😦 Why cant this man be punished?!!! Makes me really angry to see that they let him go..
Yes, Avada, it is ridiculous and shameful!!!

If the rapist has raped her ONCE, our precious MEDIA involuntarily RAPES HER IMAGE MULTI-FOLD – you said it!
every time we see such things in the media something in us dies…
‘….something in us dies….’ – that is so true. I wonder, Uma, what is it that is dying? Our hopes? Our illusions? Or our sensitivity? I am tempted to write a post on this now, but I would actually request you to take it up…. please.

When Dhananjoy Chatterjee was hanged for raping and killing a school-going girl (in the building where he was the security), he was hailed as a hero in his last days by the media, celebrities etc for he was going to get the capital punishment. Such hypocrisy had made us retch. For a lot of us, youngsters and commoners, we celebrated his hanging. The next day papers were however even worse, the first page picture was of his feet, of all things after he’d been hanged. We look/touch the feet of elders, of gods and goddesses. It incensed me and hurt me. Till today I haven;t forgotten that sacrilege.
OMG, that makes me feel sick!!! What is WRONG with our society?? How can we think of saluting such crazy bas****s? Seriously, don’t we have any common sense?!
Men who rape in any form shouldn’t go to trials, they should be bundled up and set loose among the public, or castrated and turned back into the society. Sometimes the worst punishments still existing in the world also is too less. Ask the family, the parents, the victim.
Absolutely with you on that, Guria. People who are proven to have committed such a crime should be treated in exactly the way you have mentioned!

It isn’t only the fact that the our judicial system is flawed. It is in no mood to pay importance to the female society and their protection. If extreme cases like these are dealt with imprisonment of just 7 years then what are the punishments for those cases where the victims are still physically unharmed? No matter how much we complain it just falls on deaf ears.
And to think that we are a society that boasts of our culture, and the way we treat women like Goddesses! Such a shame, really!
Maybe one day if supposedly an “important”(political) figure’s daughter or spouse is raped, then maybe the law will change. We just have to keep screaming, hoping someone will decipher it and act.
Couldn’t agree more!!! Please, could you leave your blog’s url, so I can read your work? Thanks!

hats off having written such a strong post. I agree with you 100%. And that man should not be hanged but stoned to death. He should live to feel that pain and trauma he inflicted on a young girl.
Thank you Neha, sometimes even I think the Taliban method of stoning ‘sinners’ to death is fully justified for crimes like this!!
Let’s not say much about the media. It will talk only when it sees its own interest in something.
Well said! But the media has a social responsibility too, and I hope things will change in the near future!
A victim will always remain a victim, while the offender lives freely. A patient inflicted with AIDS will be terminated from a company, while a criminal with 100 odd cases of murder etc is elected to run the states and country. this is the poor state our country is in. People are rejoicing that Aruna gets to live, but no one even knows what all does she go through every moment.
So true, Neha. I really don’t understand how this much injustice happens day in and day out!
Once again, I commend you for this post.
What can I say, Neha? Thank you for sharing your opinion, and I am glad to see your anger!

Hi! Came here from Neha’s post on this, where she linked to this post.
Welcome here, Kaddu. I’ve read your blog earlier – a long time back. Will hop over soon.
My take:

1. Agree with all you said about Sohanlal’s punishment not being sufficient for his crime. Actually about the complete inadequacy & senselessness of sexual abuse laws in our country. That part of our judiciary system should have been re-written long ago.
Right. And it can be re-written even now. Just that it is not happening!!!!!!!!!!
2. If Aruna really wished to die, then she would be dead. These decisions are made by the higher self, not by our conscious mind. Nobody has the right to interfere in someone else’s Karma. If this suffering is a part of her soul’s growth, then granting her Euthanasia would mean that she takes another birth to complete that suffering. It’s not about the judiciary system here. Would you want to live like that once again in your next birth too? Well, I certainly would like to get done with my share of suffering ASAP.
I don’t agree with this, Kaddu. Simply because I don’t believe that anybody deserves this sort of suffering, as karma. I do believe in re-birth, but to think that someone is punished to this extent is a little difficult for me to digest. And I think we should certainly help her end her suffering.

He shames ‘civilised’ society. B******.
It’s a very good idea to focus on the criminal – should be made a law (Our obsolete laws need to be changed anyway)
I’ve heard of a movie where some women form a group that castrates rapists. (The one who castrates is a doctor) This made men think twice fore acting. I’ve often wished such a group existed in reality
Thank you for visiting, and sharing your views, Radhika. There really is a group like that? You know, if it happens even a couple of times, and media gives it enough publicity, it will really act as a deterrent to other bas****s who want to attempt this sort of barbaric act!

Very forceful post. I feel bad that I ddn’t know the name of the guy as Sohanlal who did the crime to Aruna Shanbaug till I read this post.


Thank you, Narayanan. The media is to blame. We never get to see the faces of the culprits!

“Why are we, as a society protecting our rapists? Why don’t we expose them??!!!”

Yes, their photos should be splashed everywhere. But the skewed society wants to see who the victim is and the media obliges. Sick society that victimises the victim.

Is that voyeurism then, Shail?

I like what someone has asked/suggested – WHERE THE F**K IS DEXTER!! Honestly, don’t you wish that you could be the Bronson of Death Wish and blow the b******s away?
Absolutely! Absolutely. Otherwise there is NO justice. There simply isn’t!

this is the problem in india, law is meant to disturb the sufferers. this guy sohanlal valmiki must be shot in an open ground. so that in future people think of the dire consequences before commiting such a crime. this is not a crime, it is a sin nd people must come to know that commiting this sin is unforgivable, as you are damaging the person mentally, physically as well as socially.
Welcome to my blog, Dr.Jyoti. Absolutely with you on how the rapist should be handled. How can our law let him go with such a small punishment, while the poor woman still lives in suffering?!! It is a crime!!!!

u guys its india we talk abt…it wil never change. indian society is and wil always b a supporter of men, no matter wat kind of man. PISSES ME OFF TO NO END!!! And media. Somebody tell them they r media for god’s sake. They have the power to expose these bloody rapists, murderers, sadists. They shouldn’t b all ‘spicy talks’ and ‘wat the society wants to hear’. And honestly with full offence i think that families of such victims who would rather see their child suffer to death and not even come to see her once and raise their voice are as much the supporter of rape and rapist as our hypocrite society is.

I think your post would have more impact if you removed the titillating photograph of a woman being attacked at the top of the page.

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