Sunday Melancholy

It is weird. This feeling of homesickness. No matter which country I am in (even if I am in my hometown), come Sunday evening, and I feel a strange sense of melancholy and homesickness. I cannot understand why it is so. Perhaps in my childhood, it was pre-Monday blues that dampened the excitement of a Sunday evening. Or maybe it was because everything was shut on a Sunday evening as we retired to a quiet, almost isolated existence, in contrast with a normal day that bustled with activity and with the company of friends and neighbours. Still, that simply does not explain … Continue reading Sunday Melancholy

The Men Who Don’t Celebrate Women’s Day

The men that I know (friends and family, that is!) don’t actually celebrate Women’s Day! They’d probably wish me aloud (if I happen to remind them of the ‘occasion’ that morning!). They’d probably say nothing if I wanted to do some spontaneous shopping. They wouldn’t change their daily routine to make things a little ‘different’ just for that one day.   However, they are the kind of men who make me feel glad I am a woman in their world 🙂 Is ‘Women’s day’ about pampering only your loved one while treating others (men and women alike) shabbily? Is it … Continue reading The Men Who Don’t Celebrate Women’s Day