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Spidermen at work – WW

Wordless Wed

Midday – Moon or Noon? (Wordless Wednesday)

Hello lovely folks.. I’m back with another Wordless Wednesday!

Do take a look at the below pictures and tell me, what you think this is? Mid-day Moon or Noon??!

Midday Moon???
or Noon??

Took this picture of the Moon in broad daylight, and within a couple of seconds the sun had engulfed it!!

Wordless Wed

A splash of golden yellow

The picture says it all!!

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Wordy Wday – Desi girls and some non-sense

To all the ‘innocent folks’ who landed on this page, googling ‘desi girls’ or ‘nonsense’ – you’d be disappointed, so close the window right away.

So my friends, a very boring wordy Wednesday, this.

Spotted this ‘appertisement‘ on a local bus last week, and thought the model looked really really familiar!

And hey! It was our very own Genelia 🙂 I loved the cute characters she played in the Sachin and Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na. Seen it? Seen it?

Isn’t that sweet? Wouldn’t we love to see more Indian actors and actresses in advertisements abroad, even if it was only for  Dabur Vatika!!!

Except Shilpa Shitty Shetty. And Lara Dutta. And the entire Bacchan clan. Pretty please!

And, just when I was thinking how peaceful reel life has been without the presence of the Bacchan family, here comes the announcement that the whole of India  (and apparently, Reuters too) has waited for, with bated breath.

Methinks the only other news that will be a cause of national celebration would be Rahul baba’s wedding. You know, like we could then have our very own ‘Royal Wedding!’

Anyway, its time to celebrate. Ash Rai is pregnant. (Wiki says 1.9 million women get pregnant in India every year). Whatever!!

Now for some more bits of non-sense.

1) The gorgeous LCD Tv-screens at my local Gym continuously air cookery shows at the time people are slogging their a$$ off to burn some calories. Tell me, how can anybody lose weight, when all they see in front of them, is a delicious pie being baked in the oven, or a giant-sized cream cake being readied for a party?!! Ridiculous, if you ask me!!

2) Apparently, actor Abbas’s recent acting venture is.. guess what.. a Harpic ad!! Yaar, he was one of those cool-dudes that every teenage girl in Chennai used to droooool over. Once upon a time. Look how he has fallen! Vaat-ey-pity 😦 And on that note, do read this brilliant blog that I’ve been hooked onto all evening! And for those of you don’t know who Abbas is/was, check this video. That used to be our ideal of ‘being hip and cool‘! (*Shakes head wisely, without knowing whether to laugh or cry – in retrospect, that is!)

3) Watched Karate Kid. Loved it. Absolutely loved it. Every character was brilliant. Realised that Kung Fu is not about ‘fighting’. It is an art. Ahem. But Jackie Chan has grown so old 😦 Didn’t expect that!! And 12-year-olds kissing??? That makes no sense. Not to an old fogie like me!

4) Ah, but that, you see, is what happens in foreign countries. Not in India. Never. We are a culturally rich country. What happens here is this and this. Quite sadly, though, one is not surprised. It makes complete non-sense. But it happens more often that we imagine.

Ok, before I make you feel any more depressed, I shall sign-out with a post scheduled for tomorrow’s Thursday challenge!!

Ta ta!

Wordless Wed

WW – 4

Apologies for bombarding you with my beautiful leaves… but kya kare, they are just so gorgeous….

And this beautiful afternoon…. (Btw, the bridge in the far end – the one that goes up like a little arch – was the one in the James Bond boat chase … I’ve forgotten the name of the movie now 😦 but will try to rattle the failing memory…)

Incidents Thought and Reason Wordless Wed

WW – 3 – Four seasons

Perhaps every person living in India would agree with me, when I say that we have only two seasons – 1- Summer. 2- Winter. Finito.

We simply do not have the concept of Spring or Autumn, because that’s just what our country has been blessed with! (Note the sarcasm, please!!). My Mum used to say, very often, that Chennai has only two seasons too – Hot. And Hotter. The last few years have ofcourse changed this perception, as now we experience ‘Hotter and Hottest’ weather! (Which brings me to another question ‘When does one say ‘weather’ and when does one resort to ‘climate”. But, I digress.)

So, the last few years in London have given me such a beautiful glimpse into the four seasons of Nature. Each season is marked by the weather, the time of sunrise and sunset, and many other factors.

However, to me, the leaves tell all. While I enjoy the bright green leafy trees whose branches sway merrily in the summer breeze, I also love the striking beauty of stark naked trees, that go into a hibernation of sorts, every winter.

But what I truly and dearly love, is this time of the year, when leaves turn from Green to Gold, and that too in phases. One day its all green. The next day, they have turned a most beautiful shade of Orange. Then a mesmerising yellow with Golden hues. And finally, ofcourse, they fade away.

I simply cannot get enough of this….








Or this…

In just a week...









And this… one tree is completely green, the other turning golden yellow, and the third, who has quite been stripped of its leaves already!








And most of all, this… a beautiful carpet of golden , orange leaves…

Wordless Wed

Wordless Wednesday


Warsaw - As the city gets ready to fall asleep...


Wordless Wed

My First WW

My first ever WW 🙂