On polling, (not) begging and more

BlogJunta is holding Indian Blogosphere polls, across several categories. What was interesting was that the blogs that have been shortlisted are mostly of good quality. And many of these, I haven’t had the opportunity to read until now. So, I am looking forward to enjoying these blogs going forward.

I’m very grateful to BlogJunta for having shortlisted my blog in the Fiction category. Really grateful. Such recognition is really very encouraging.

What I ‘dare’ to call 😉 my ‘collection’ of short stories can be found at this link. My favourite 55-ers are here.

After experiencing recent blogging contests in Blogosphere, I am rather disillusioned by the way most polls work. Unfortunately, having a large friends-network in Blogosphere often scores over true writing potential.

This time, I’m not campaigning for my own blog. I hope you will vote for the blog that deserves to win.

I hope you will use your wise judgement and NOT vote for someone only because he/she is your friend, or a friend’s friend, someone who is just popular.. or perhaps someone who simply begs well!!

For once, may only the best blogs win.

To vote, kindly head over to the Facebook poll page by clicking this link.



Lost and Found

Ok…I lost the Mother’s Day contest. But I won a 166 votes, and a huge huge deal of self-confidence.

I just want to THANK everybody who voted for me. Friends from school, college, ex-work place, blogosphere, Orkut and Facebook (!!)…friends of friends… friends of colleagues… colleagues of ex-colleagues… everybody really!

Thank you for your really precious vote.

Thanks for making me stand 5th out of nearly 60 entries.

Thanks for reading my story, thanks for appreciating it, thanks for goading me on!!

And thanks, for giving my self-confidence a much-needed boost 🙂