Incidents MommySpeak

When time stopped…

It was a cold wintry night.

Mummy was exhausted, but Sonny was at the peak of energy! Mommy was left with no choice. Cleaning, dishwasher, laundry, dinner…it was all done. She even managed to pack in a bedtime story. When she finally had a minute to spare, she glanced at the clock. 8:40 pm. ‘Woohooooo’ , she yelped with joy! Super-efficient, aren’t I? She smiled gleefully.

So she settled down with a nice book and a mug of warm milk. The perfect way to spend the evening! Half-way through the book, she looked up again.

The clock beamed back at her. 8:40 pm.

Mummy jumped out of her skin, and checked the computer. 12:40 am.

The end (Of book-reading and internet-surfing).

Good night.


[P.s: As you have smartly guessed, this is a non-post. I need to find a battery to get this da*n clock working now!]


Time and motion

I have been so busy lately. Busy doing nothing solid. Yet, busy. You know how it is. There’s things to clear, mess to clean, chores to be completed. Which is why I haven’t been able to post anything for the last week or so. However, there is something I’ve discovered. And it is this:

‘Time flies when I browse the internet at will,

But stands still when I am on the treadmill!’