Short story

Hating apple

Fortnightly writing exercise on S & Co: The situation is as follows:
“You have been caught in a suspicion arousing, but not compromising, situation with your spouse’s best friend. Your spouse goes away, ostensibly on a sudden trip (office trip or mother’s home) but you know he or she is really bothered – maybe pissed off at you. Write a letter (assuming the spouse in question is very forgiving) and plead a case for yourself. Bear in mind that you are not sure they doubt your fidelity but on the off-chance that they do, you are taking preemptive action to bring them back into the old loving relationship. ”


Dear Darling,

I hate apple. I Really Hate Apple. They sure are good for health, quite therapeutic, I am told. But they become more and more expensive by the byte. I am talking about the I-Pod you gave me on my last birthday. While I do love listening to my favourite songs all the time, the earphones never seem to stay in place. And with repeated falling, the left ear-phone has completely given way.

Which is why, Ved and I had our face so close to each other when you returned home that evening. Ved had dropped in to meet you, and on seeing the I-Pod, started telling me about your favourite songs in college. You didn’t tell me you (along with Ved and Raj) were so fond of ‘Summer of ’69’. Well, since I did get to know, I was so excited, that I immediately switched on the computer in our bedroom, and downloaded the song from the internet and into the I-Pod, all for your sake. And then we simply couldn’t resist listening to it. However, there were two pairs of ears, and only one ear-phone !! So we had to nearly press our ears together to catch the strains of the music. While we were tapping our feet to the music, quite involuntarily, the I-Pod suddenly slipped out of my hand, and both of us stretched out our free hand in an attempt to catch the player before it could hit the ground. (How many times have I asked you to buy the arm-band for the I-Pod!). And that was when you walked into the room.

I can imagine what a surprise it must have been for you, to walk into our bedroom and see Ved and me in such close proximity, holding hands, face seemingly pressed together. Your face reddened, and you repeatedly touched your forehead. Did you have a headache, darling, because of the heat, I mean the sun ?

A funny sight it must have been, watching two women so close to each other. But trust me, Vedalakshmi and I were just enjoying your favourite song. She was, infact, describing how you and Raj used to turn on the music really loud, and dance to the tunes inside the bathroom for hours !! Must have been fun.

How I wish you would tell me all about your college days (the fun and the escapades alike). I am all ears ! By the way, are you stil at Raj’s place now ?

And I have a surprise gift waiting for you – the latest Samsung MP3 player (with in-built speaker) – so that you can relive your college memories with some good music.

Please do come home soon, so that we can jive together.

Missing you.

Your ‘straight’-forward wife.