55-er Short story

Sparkling eyes – 55 word fiction

Pick-up time. The children chattered excitedly, as rains lashed.

A little girl quietly waited for Nanny.


She looked up, surprised. Her eyes sparkled.

She ran and hugged the woman.

The woman pushed her away.

‘I only came because its raining. Can’t come everyday Ok?’ she snapped.

‘Yes Mummy’ Sofia nodded.

The sparkle had disappeared.

PS: I actually witnessed this incident when I went to collect my son from school this evening (names have been changed.. rather, assumed). One moment, the little girl was so excited. The next moment, it was all gone. Like a balloon had been deflated.

I wonder how many times we behave like that Mother. Not realising that the absence of a smile, or a hug, can dampen the spirit of our beautiful precious children? Don’t mean to be preachy, but I do hope, we will more consciously try, to reciprocate the wonderful and endless love that our children shower on us….


A little secret

A secret that even I wasn’t aware of, until this evening.

I took sonny out for a small walk, with my lovely co-sis and her son. A simple visit to the shoe-shop. And I couldn’t handle it! I just couldn’t.

The roads were TERRIBLY busy. Swarms of crowds everywhere. Incessant traffic. And the awfully sultry weather. Sonny  and I are so used to pushing around his pram that walking – under these circumstances – was an ordeal.

And just as we finished our expedition, a stray dog came up to us. Yeah, he really did, and kept circling us for a few minutes. I was dumb-struck. Because I didn’t KNOW what to say! Must I say ‘Shush…go away’ or must I say ‘Shoo..po po (meaning Go!), or must I throw a stone? Must I carry my little boy? Or must I just pray!! I seriously didn’t know.

Because its been 4 years since I saw a stray animal! Or since I walked on a one-foot-high footpath, that wasn’t even continuous along the side of the road.

Coming home to Chennai is like coming home to Chaos. The same ubiquitous organized chaos, in which I have spent all my life.

And I realised, that unfortunately, in the last 4 years, I’ve become a stranger in my own hometown!


P.S: Which is why I am on a tiny blog break. Life is just tooooooooooo busy out here!