On Liberation – Chennai Diaries – Part II

You read it right!! Chennai liberates me. Staying here un-binds me from formalities and etiquette 🙂 For example… You do not have to smile at people on the road or wish them a Good Morning/afternoon or evening, as the case may be! In London, people are uber polite. Well, most of the time. So it can get quite tiresome at times, to have to smile at a stranger and wish good-day. Back home, one is free to smile, smirk, frown or even growl!! No one feels bad at the lack of etiquette 🙂 You can bump into someone on the … Continue reading On Liberation – Chennai Diaries – Part II

The colour of red

The non-stop traffic on the main road created a dull, deafening din throughout the day. Even at night, cars, lorries, trucks, motorbikes, bicycles whizzed by, as if hurrying on to meet a beloved who waited across the city’s borders. It rained intermittently, water stagnating along the potholes on the dirty tar roads. Regular power-cuts were an accepted part of life. Viral infection was rampant in the city. Who would have thought this was the rapidly developing metro of Chennai! The maid-servant had not come to work that busy Monday morning, so we took turns at doing the daily chores… washing … Continue reading The colour of red