Incidents Thought and Reason

Profound thoughts..a revelation

…and here’s something that I never, ever, thought of, even in the most distant realms of my mind…‘The soul IS different from the body’. This is something that even the most enlightened of souls take a whole lifetime to realise.

And who taught me this? My 2-year old child.

He was extremely busy, playing when he suddenly got stuck in a corner of his toy car. I watched as he struggled out. He finally made it…dusted his hands, mumbled to himself (as a matter-of-fact), “‘Thank you, R” and walked over to the next toy.

And I gaped at little R’s most innocent and incredibly profound statement.  The disclosure of his knowledge, about the Soul being a different entity from the Body. To a child, he/she is no different than his parent/sibling/friend. He/she knows, that the self is above all this.

I am at a complete loss of words to say anything more on this subject, entirely due to my ignorance.

But one thing I can vouch for is, children are divine. For sure!