Short story

Woman in the rain

I chanced upon this ‘Complete the story’ contest by Yours Truly Theatre on Facebook.

Original story:
‘….rainy day on a bus stand, waiting to get back home, and then suddenly out of nowhere she comes along and then…’

My ending:
I held my breath. She stopped right in front of me. Panting.

‘Prashant…‘ she whispered. Still panting. How sweet my name sounded when it came from her!

I didn’t reply. I simply couldn’t.

‘Please… come back’.

I remained silent. This time, she had gone too far!

‘This is for your good! Trust me…‘, she persuaded.

I had made up my mind. I was in pain. Deep pain. If this chasm widened, I would die.

But I was not going back.

‘Come with me’, she continued.

I adamantly shook my head.



Never will I enter her dental clinic again. I’ve had it with dentists!!


And folks, you KNOW how much I like dentists.. so this particular ending arises from this post 🙂 and this one.

Humour Incidents Poem

A walk in the rain

A smile on your lips,

That deep, beautiful dimple

Your laughter, a tinkle

As we walked in the rain!


Starry eyes that danced,

Your words, lilting and lovely!

Happiness seared through me

As we walked in the rain!


Amid the deafening

pitter-patter I found

Serenity unbound

As we walked in the rain!


As I relished every

Moment of this journey,

You popped the question:

‘Mummy, will you carry me?’


I gather you,

Your little toy train

And this precious memory,

Of our walk in the rain!


This is for my dearest little ‘Rishibaby’