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Reason to smile

Found this article on the Rediff website and felt a ray of hope 🙂

Do read it 🙂

I found some of the claims hard to believe, like the Doctor being able to change the behaviour of the children in just 6 months time. Also, many of the links are outdated, from several years ago.

Nevertheless, I think this is an extremely noble thing to do. May there be more people like Dr.Manorama around. The world will certainly be a wee bit happier 🙂

And, I hope that we too, contribute in some way or the other, to those less fortunate. And help them too, to relish this beautiful world 🙂

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Too busy living ?

I was wasting time on Orkut (as usual) and stumbled on this Community called “Street Children”. For a change, Orkut time/resources were actually being put to good use 😉

I request (nay, INSIST) that you click the below link first, and see what I saw, and then, do return to read the rest of this ‘boring’ post.


Thanks for returning….

How terribly busy we are, just living our daily life ! Each day just slips by – without our even noticing it. We eat, drink, sleep, work, play, shop, fight, watch TV, procreate. Surely, we can do something for the less fortunate, even if its just once in a year ?

You don’t need to join an NGO or become a social service activist. And you don’t have to commit yourself to any longterm project.

Let’s MAKE A START today, by DE-CLUTTERING our homes and cupboards.

* Take out all the old clothes, bedsheets, sweaters, shawls & footwear that you haven’t used in the last two years

* Gather old Toys & Games that your children have outgrown

pack all these and give it away – to the same person or to different people. Its Okay if they think you’ve gone a little crazy [;-)]

And this is something I learnt from a friend – everytime you buy something new, please discard the old ones that you have. I might as well take the chance and mention her wonderfully mouth-watering foodie blogspot:

I know its boring to read such stuff…advice…lectures…absolutely irritating. But considering the amount of time we waste on the internet, let’s take one small step today, by clicking on any of the below links, and making a small contribution (not necessarily monetary) to a cause worth living for.

Also take a look at if you have the time.


If you’ve actually read until here, THANK YOU !!

If you’ve decided to/already taken some action, CONGRATULATIONS , AND BLESS YOU !!