Incidents Short story

Made it to the Top Ten – Thank you!!

Hi Everybody,

Thanks a million, for taking the trouble to vote for my short story (submitted for IndusLadies Mothers Day contest)!

I have made it to the Top Ten. Yippee! Thanks again.

The second round of voting has started in full swing, so I need your help again.

Please cast your precious vote at


(Ofcourse, in favour of my entry: ‘Pal of Crocodile Tales’ :-))

as soon as you can!!

The original story is here, in my blog, its called ‘Nanny Maa’.

Thanks a lot, in advance.


(Phew…now I understand why Indian politicians are all so corrupt… campaigning for votes is such a difficult job, therefore the poor guys are forced to resort to underhand methods ;-)).