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I wonder at possibilities (Poem, Indus Ladies contest)


As I grow older, and a little wiser, I observe vast disparity all around me. Sometimes it sickens me. Sometimes it just makes me numb. Thinking about this, made me realise, that I believe what CAN make a difference to situations, to destinies, is education. Not that all educated people are sensible or sensitive. Still, I believe education empowers. So this is the topic I have chosen. Here is my entry to the Indus Ladies contest on Women’s Day (P.S: Been tagged by Shail).




Sometimes I wonder
If I were the girl who delivers milk at my door
What would I have done?
..Borne silent testimony to
..The brutality of a man who hit me?
..Toil endlessly day after day, only
..To donate it to the local liquor store!
..Walk my children barefoot on scorching roads?
..Hoping they, at least, would lead a better life!

Sometimes I wonder
If I were the girl who irons my clothes
What would I have done?
..Been a speechless spectator
..To baby clothes that morphed into designer wear
..And peers who eventually flew high
..While I gazed from below, Resigned!
..Wiping away an endless stream of sweat
..Amidst fumes from a hot coal box!

Sometimes I wonder
If more girl children
Could go to school, rather than
..Skip around potholes
..Oblivious to the heights I scale
..Or sweep or swab my home
..While I whistle in a cinema
..Or skilfully balance a brick wall on the head
..As I crib about glass ceilings!

I wonder at this wonder
This creature – smart, practical, beautiful
Who is just like me
..Only we live worlds apart
..Because I am empowered,
..I have read widely
..About how life CAN be
..About basic rights that belong to me
..And about infinite POSSIBILITIES

I wonder, if she were educated
Would she too, learn to believe
That destiny CAN be changed?


And now, I have to tag three people.. hmm.. and that would be (1) Roop (2) Pixie (3) Piper

(Thank you, Pragya, for reviewing this at such short notice!)


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We Men and Wo men (Tag)

I have thought too much on this Tag from Indyeah.

If I was a man, this is what We Men would want Wo men to be.



We totally admire the likes of the intelligent Sushmita Sen and the flamboyant Lara Dutta. Women such as these are priceless.

And here is the BIG confession: They are way too good for ordinary men like us.

Therefore, we will resign our fate to living  with the lesser mortals.

Resolution no. 1: We Men will not be fussy about Brains.

I mean, look at what ‘being bold’ has done to Barkha Dutt and Big Sister Shilpa Shetty. We will hereby give brains a miss and be content with a curvaceous miss Amisha Patel!

Resolution no. 2: We will not hanker after elusive factors

Its just NOT FAIR, to judge a woman on something invisible and intangible, such as Loving Nature. We resolve to focus more on the look and feel…and adjust (with an open.. mind) with a sizzling Priyanka Chopra.

Resolution no. 3: (Most important) We will deflate our ego.

We will – in all humility – sacrifice our expectation of ‘Ethereal Beauty’ and ‘settal’ for that base thing called Sex Appeal. We will not pine for the unattainable Julia Roberts, but will survive a meaningless existence, day after day… night after night, with an ordinary Mallika Sherawat.


Phew… being a Man is so difficult! I am glad this tag is done!