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Empty Nest – sight u in the distance!

A couple of weeks back, my 2.5yr old wanted to go cycling (though he doesn’t use the pedals but only walks it around!) and resisted every time I tried to hold on to the parent-handle.

Then I thought, may be he will learn only when I let go.

So I did.

And he didn’t learn.

He would steady himself at the tip of the slope (at the building’s garage). Then say Ready-Steady-Go, and GO. He would lift his two little feet off and bend down, to see himself racing down the slope. And he would whoop with joy!! He even fell twice, flat on his face.

None of that would have happened if I had held on to the handle. He wouldn’t have fallen. And he certainly wouldn’t have had so much fun.

So yeah, I think we do have to let go of our kids at some point of time. I just wish it came later… a long long way later and not when he is just 2.5 :-(:-) (Is that an appropriate smiley for a ‘mixed-reaction’ ?!!)

(Inspired by Dhanno Banno’s post).