Laptop worries

The new laptop was hacked during our Chennai visit

The virus does not allow us to run even Task Manager 😦

The old laptop is small, cute and oh so slow!

The old laptop refuses to recognize my new phone, so I cannot transfer any new pictures

Oh, and all our Chennai pictures were CUT and pasted into the new laptop, which now, as you know, is inaccessible!

So, the new laptop has been replaced by the old one. The old has everything, pictures, documents…everything, really. The new one has nothing. Except old stuff.

Sigh! This is sooooo scre*ed!!!


55-er Humour Incidents Short story

Secret of the lap-top (Something interesting I saw on a bus-ride, and an attempted 55-er)

She was smoking. Smoking hot.

He looked away, tightly clutching the paper files on his lap. Some very important, secret documents, perhaps!

She crossed her sexy (mini-skirted)-legs.

He arose, evidently hurrying to get off at the next stop. And smoothed the crinkles on his trousers …  accidentally unguarding the secret the papers were trying to hide 😉