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On the Mumbai attacks

This is in response to Kristof’s essay on the recent Mumbai attacks.


Congratulations on a well-written and politically correct essay. But that’s where the kudos end. And the anger begins.

For the harsh reality of Pakistan hiding behind a transparent veil of self-proclaimed innocence is not brought to light.

As regards ‘the olive branch’ extended by the right hand (of Pakistan) – well… well … didn’t you notice an AK-47 hidden by the left hand, the finger firm on the trigger in full readiness to blow us apart ?

You refer to Hindu extremists provoking the minorities in India. What then, about the Muslim terrorists holding the entire world to ransom ?!

Please note – if India were such a frightening place to live in, the Muslims would have all fled to Pakistan and Bangladesh by now. The reason they still inhabit India is because India is a wonderful country.

A country – where they are as much at home as are the Hindus – where they demand privileges and concessions. Have you heard of this happening in any other country? Does your country, for example, have special quotas (in education/work opportunities) for Hindus in that country ??!!

As regards Kashmir, I am sure, all that the Kashmiris want is to be left alone. But if they are left alone, Pakistan would infiltrate into Kashmir and flourish their machine-guns at India, demanding next for Delhi.

No, Mr. Kristof, there is no end to this tug of war between Pakistan and India.

Tensions will escalate and economies will be battered. Time and again. Until Pakistan GENUINELY leaves India alone.

With regards,
– A frustrated and angered Indian citizen