Snip snip…

Snip snip...

(Photo of a baby girl at her ‘mundan’ ceremony). This was a prompt on a lovely Facebook group that I am fortunate to be a part of. This is what I came up with (an attempt at Haiku).

‘Snip..snip.. Curly locks fall gently to the ground.
Baby girl, you have no choice!
The first of many sacrifices.’


My best Valentine’s message ever!

I finally hear you utter,
The words I never thought you would..
‘I lub you, Amma’

Poem Thought and Reason

Thoughts on another planet.

Caveman from a distant planet,
Gapes at ‘civilized’, turbulent Earth.
And chooses to remain, a noble savage!


(P.S: In case you are wondering why I wrote this: The fortnightly writing exercise on S&Co. was on Life on newly discovered planet, Creon. Since there were so many brilliant entries to the contest, I dared not compete with them, and decided to only write down the gist of my thoughts, and what better format, than Haiku !!)


Company (More n more haiku)

The child sees his reflection,

And claps with glee,

Thrilled to have company !


My first Haiku

(For my most naughty and adorable toddler, Rishi.)

Baby’s sleep-time

Its time to say “Good Night”.
A tiny arm reaches up to me,
And pats me to sleep.